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I have always been very small boned, including on...

I have always been very small boned, including on my facial area. As I have aged, I have lost volume in the spaces directly under my cheekbones, and have the parentheses around my mouth. Juvaderm gave me instant results that I love.

My face looks fuller and softer now. I was also worried that I might have bruising, but I did what the doctor said--avoided taking any aspirin or ibuprofen beforehand. I was also told to drink pineapple juice, which I did. I had only one very small bruise; it was maybe 2 mm across, and barely noticable. I will be doing this again.

After just reading your Botox review I am so glad to hear that at least one of your treatments turned out great!! I went with a girlfriend who had her lips filled and couldn't believe the instant change that happened. I guess I just expected it would take some time to work - but poof, change!

Does your mouth feel different or tight at all when you talk or smile?

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