The Best Thing I Ever Did - Gastric Bypass Surgery

My Dr. in Austin Texas saved my life! In June...

My Dr. in Austin Texas saved my life! In June 2007, I went into surgery weighing 265 lbs. Today I weigh 140 and feel like a million bucks. I will turn 51 in June and am so happy I had this procedure done.

My weight had yo-yoed my whole life and once I was 100 lbs. overweight, I knew that I no longer had it in me to diet it off. I had gained and lost enough weight in my life to make up 5 people!

Dr. F and his staff worked with me for well over a year while I pondered if I should do the procedure or not. When at last the decision was made and the surgery performed, I could not have been happier. The weight literally fell off and I had NO side effects. His staff of nurses and a great nutrionalist made me feel so comfortable and were always willing and ready to answer any questions that I had - and may still have to this day.

At this stage in my life, I knew that I couldn't work the weight off myself and had tried and failed so many times before that I literally saw gastric bypass as my only hope - and it was well worth it. I am 3 years post-op and the weight has stayed off.

Thank you to Dr. F and his dynamic team. I am forever in your debt.

You've had a great journey and you look amazing. Are you managing to maintain your new weight now?

Congrats! Now the entire world can see how gorgeous you are. You must be really proud of your hard work!
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