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I am very happy with the outcome. It is important...

I am very happy with the outcome. It is important to ask your doctor about the PRP add-on, which helps to ensure that the fat will stay. This is my second transfer, as the first didn't work and my first doctor did not use the PRP add-on and I lost almost everything. The second doctor did use the PRP and I kept almost everything!

I had a difficult case because I had breast implants and they were removed almost 10 years ago. When they were removed my breasts had a lot of scar tissue and indentations. As a result, my breasts were smaller than when I initially had the implants, and they were misshapen. I waited a long time before posting my results because I lost all of the fat from my first surgery. Now, I can honestly say that it has been over 3 months and I am still a B-cup (I was barely an A-cup... I could fit an A on top, but not on the bottom due to my scarring).

I was very unhappy with the first fat transfer, which was performed by a doctor in Huntington Beach, California (who I do not recommend, Dr. Altman). The second procedure was performed by Dr. Leeman (Austin, TX), who I highly recommend. I will review Dr. Leeman below.

Correction - Dr. Altman is a good plastic surgeon, Dr. Accetta was my first doctor

I made a mistake in the review above. I said that my first doctor was Dr. Altman ... he was the doctor that put my implants in many years ago... he was great. It was Dr. Accetta in Huntington Beach, CA who gave me results that I was not pleased with (fat transfer to breasts). I will be putting in a review of Dr. Accetta at a later date.
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I am so happy with the results of my procedure with Dr. Leeman. He was honest with me from the beginning and told me that I probably would not get a full cup increase due to my limited amount of fat. (Sidenote: I actually did get a full cup increase, but he was being conservative, which I prefer). He was creative in trying to manage my difficult situation of having scar tissue and ensuring that my fat stayed. He suggested an A-cell sheet to help with the scar tissue, which pulled out the indentation that was on one of my breasts (this was a result of implants). He focused on placing the fat at the bottom of my breast, which helped to correct the shape of my breast. He also suggested using PRP, which he can explain better but involves drawing a small amount of blood and mixing it with the fat (I think) to ensure that the fat will stay. Dr. Leeman and his staff are amazing! They make you feel comfortable and are quick to respond to emails. They are supportive and helpful. My husband was with me on the day of the surgery and they phoned him to let him know when the surgery was done and they helped me downstairs... they were great! During the surgery a nurse was helping me through some of the painful parts and would literally hold my hand when she could tell I was uncomfortable. Again, such wonderful supportive staff! I would definitely return to Dr. Leeman and his wonderful team if I were to get any other procedure done and I highly recommend him to anyone getting this procedure.

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Thank you for sharing your breast journey on RealSelf. I have yet to come across a breast fat transfer using PRP - Platelet rich plasma - a person's own blood, mixed into the fat. Sounds like this was the trick for you. How long ago was your first breast fat transfer procedure? Just curious where your fat was grafted from and how many cc's were taken each time? Congratulations and please do keep us posted!
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Hello... my fat was grafted from my belly, flanks, and thighs. I don't have a lot of fat so he had to go to lots of places. Dr. Leeman got about 300 CCs... not very much, but most of it stayed. Thanks for clarifying PRP... I don't know much about it, but feel like it made a big difference! :) Dr Accetta didn't communicate how many CCs were taken, but I think he got more because I was eating differently at the time... but as I said, none of it really stayed. He took fat from my belly and thighs.
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Yes, I can imagine if you don't have a lot of fat to begin with that your doctor probably had to find fat in every possible area on your body. I bet you were sore from this...perhaps as sore as your chest was! 

Here is a link to other women who have also recently had breast fat transfer done this past May and June, 2014. You may find it interesting or helpful to hear how others are healing. Looking forward to your updates as you continue to heal. Take care!
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