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Works Great for Acne Scars - Austin, TX

I had four sessions of ematrix for my full face...

I had four sessions of ematrix for my full face plus an additional four for just my cheeks. I have really bad ice pick scarring from acne, especially on my cheeks. I admit, it was a very painful experience, but only on the forehead and cheek bone area...it felt like a hot needle poking you repeatedly. The worst part was the smell of burnt chicken and knowing that was your skin. There really wasn't any down time. The only con was that after a day, while your skin was heeling, you would develope a grid mark pattern on your face that would last for about a week.
It has been about two months after my last treatment and I am so happy with results. I still do have one or two tiny scars, but they are noticeably less severe looking and my overall face seems smoother. I've been receiving compliments on how even my soon tone looks and how south it feels. I don't feel embarrassed by my soon any more and I can go out in public without foundation if I wanted to.

Wow! Where did you get it done and which settings did they use?

Welcome to RealSelf and thank you for sharing your journey with this process.

I have to say the hot needle comment made me shiver.  OUCH!   Glad to hear you are loving the results.  Keep us up to date as you continue to heal.

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