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Butt Implants :-) - Austin, TX

Hi Everyone I am finally having my buttock...

Hi Everyone I am finally having my buttock injections corrected. A few years back I got Silicone injections that went wrong. At first I had volume and it was exactly the way I wanted it. The volume started to go down and. Now I have an indentation on the top part of my buttocks. And even a little hardness in some spots. I found the doctor on here and he has great reviews. I am scheduled to have surgery on February 10.2014 I am really excited :-) I am looking to get a lot of volume. I will keep you updated wish me luck ;-)
Excited to follow your journey! I'm getting butt implants and fat transfered to my butt/hips around implant. Surgery date is April 1, 2014 w Dr. Salama. What made you choose Driscoll over maybe Cortes since you're in Texas? (I just hear he's the butt king in Texas lol) Best wishes with your procedure, us butt implant girls gotta stick together!!! Any pre-op pics?
Hey girl...I wish I could have done the fat transfer but unfortunately doctors told me because of the silicone injections the fat wouldn't stay in the areas. Now I found Dr. Driscoll off of here just going threw some of the reviews and pics....I will look into Cortes....I am gonna post a couple per-op pics now....I hope your surgery goes well :-)....I am so nervous it's like 2 weeks away I will def keep u updated as to what happens....
is the silicone injections the same as a butt implant?

Per-op pics

Hey all here are a couple per-op pics so u can see what can go wrong when you get silicone injections.....if you look u can see the indentation on the top part of my buttocks and as well as the scaring which came from the bruising when the silicone was injected....Ladies please never do this!!!! It's so dangerous and not worth it as u can see for your self
wow thank you for sharing your story alot of girls are not that brave to tell the truth about silicone injections maybe others will learn from your experience god bless you on your journey
You shouldn't inject anything other than your own fat or get implants!!!!!
Any updates?? Did you get your butt implants?! Love to hear how you are doing!
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