Bubble and Bruising on Lips After Juvederm Injection - Austin, TX

I had my lips injected with Juvederm. They look...

I had my lips injected with Juvederm. They look great and I am overall happy with the results.

I was extremely bruised and swollen though. The doctor told me it would last 7-10 days and it has lasted 3 weeks and I am still bruised. He said he has never had anyone else be bruised at all????? I am confused about that. I also have a bubble on the inside of my top lip that he says he doesn't know what it is. He said he has never seen that with any other patient before.

I like the look and fullness of my lips now. I just do not like the bruising and the bubble. Any suggestions about what could be done. His advise is to put moisterizer and sunscreen on my lips.

Hey Gator and arabrab,

How are you two doing today? Still having blisters, (which sounded super painful, ouch)? Please keep me updated.



I also had Juvederm in my lips and they bruised and blistered in one place. The doctor gave me some Arnica Gel to apply before putting on my makeup until the bruise and blister were gone. It is a clear and odorless gel. It is not even a week yet, the bruise is almost gone and the blister is smaller that the top of a safety pin. I think the Arnica helped. You can also take Arnica Montana tablets available at health food stores and markets. I have used the pills before and they helped with bruising after surgery or procedures.
I also had Juvederm in my lipsvdone 2 weeks ago, and have experienced the same thing. I was bruised very badly on one side and after that subsided, I notice a bubble, almost blister like bump on my top lip. I went back to my doctor, and he told me that the needle had hit a main artery in my lip and caused some internal bleeding which resulted in severe bruising and the blister. He said this happens in 1 out of 40 patients and it should heal in time and dissipate. He also suggested trying a warm compress to increase blood flow to the site and speed up removal of any remaining scar tissue or left over blood. I didn't end up having to do that because it has gotten much better and is almost gone now. Hope this helps! :)
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I am overall happy except he is not doing anything to help me with this issue. He just says he doesn't know what it is, when it is obvious it is from the Juvederm injection.

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