3 Weeks Post Op BA - Austin, TX

I had a TUBA 3 weeks ago this Wednesday, it was...

I had a TUBA 3 weeks ago this Wednesday, it was pretty easy I thought with minimal pain. I went in on my 1 week post op and they told me I did not have a good enough crease so they placed me in a Metcalf or thong bra to help form a crease. I was a 34A and now I'm a 34 D. Anyone ever have to go through wearing one of these for the same reason? I haven't been able to enjoy mine yet.

Congratulations! Glad to hear you're experiencing minimal pain. Often times the thong bra is used to support sutures post op. If you're still curious, you can post your question and photo in the Doctor Q&A for additional feedback. In the meantime, it's best to follow the advice of your PS. You'll hopefully be enjoying your new breasts in no time at all!


3 weeks post op appt

I will post pics later on today of my one week post op visit and my three week post op visit. Praying and hoping I get out of this contraption ASAP.
I am 2 weeks post op and my PS has me wearing a medical bra...looks like an ugly granny bra ...front clasp lol and I also have to wear a Velcro strap across my top chest to help push the implants down into place. I'm getting use to them but I do hate them lol. They r so ugly and I have to wear them for 6 weeks ugh. But it'll be worth it in the long run. My post op pic shows the bra I have to wear. I bought 3 new cute front open sports bras too so I'm gonna ask if I can wear mine instead at my next follow up on the 20th(getting sutures out). Ur not the only one wth a crappy bra lol. Good luck
Just think you are so much closer than many of us who have yet to get that far! You will be enjoying them in no time! Congrats!
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