Breast Implant Removal? Will my Breast Be Saggy? - Austin, TX

I have 450 cc right breast and 480 cc left breast...

i have 450 cc right breast and 480 cc left breast under the muscle ive had them in since jan 11 2012 i want to remove them do yall think my breast will be saggy after because i feel like they're saggy now :( im so depressed and sad do yall think my breast will sagg alot i'm so scared to go under the knife again and sad that i did get them done in the first place


Hi I think if your going to remove them and not get implants again, you should just do a lift and get it all over with. I just got mine removed this Friday along with a lift.
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I also had mine removed by Dr Caridi. My surgery was Jan. 17th. I had 450 cc saline and they were way to crazy big! I had mine for 9 or so years, and I am in Costa Rica rockin a bikini every day! The compression is really important. Looking back, I wish I would have bought a compression top like triathletes wear. A real tight one! I keep saying I will post pics, but I get busy. E mail me if you have any questions!
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Yes compression is the key according to Dr. Caridi. I got one of Dr. Caridi's suggested bras - Wacoal Sports Bra #855170 available at Dillards, Macys and Nordstroms. It is working wonderfully. I can tell a difference and I only had mine taken out last week. :)

Im looking into doing liposuction

im looking into doing liposuction

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