tt was 6/10/14-want bbl w/Dr Fisher in Feb/Mar.'15 want buddy

I have been researching BBL for almost a year now....

I have been researching BBL for almost a year now. I live in Louisiana and sadly to say but there is no surgeon that's worth bragging about. I went to two consultations and neither surgeon had pictures to back up their work. Doing a google search I came across 3 possible in Atlanta, Miami, and Houston. All three do phenomenal work. I chose Dr. Cortes because my cousin lives in Austin and can take care of me after surgery easier.

I called the office to schedule a phone consultation but the lady took my email and said to email my pictures to the office. I did that 4 days ago but haven't heard from anyone. I also emailed 2 separate emails in order to get some type of confirmation. I called the office and lady said it takes awhile. Maybe I seem impatient but I just want to know what's going on and schedule surgery asap.


Yay nice 2 see that dr Cortes has reached out to you on ur page (hi dr Cortes).. Can't wait to see your before and after pics, nikki..
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Hi bklynbeauty.. hope you are doing well and my office staff is taking care of you

I am sorry to hear that my office has not been diligent to answer all your questions. Please call my office. Talk to Janiris my wife. We will take care of you. Dr. Cortes

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mental mindset

I post a wish pic but still embarrassed to even put the pictures of my actual body on here even though my identity is concealed. After getting my mom to take pictures of my body, a sadness came upon me. Cant believe I aloud my body to get out of proportion the way that it has.

I am 25 years old with 2 children...ages 5 and 7
170 lbs 5'5
pants size 16

Mental mind set:
Want to drop everything to get this done. This butt thing has been on my mind for awhile now. I haven't bought a single pair of pants this year...just don't look right on me.

Family support:
Not many. They say to just exercise but the results are just not getting there. I want a BBL!


I think its sooo cool that Dr C is following your journey!!! That saids a lot about him as Doctor.... I love that good luck hun
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yes dr cortes is awesome. he's passionate about all of his patients
love the wish pic!! Hope you dont mind I used it as one of my wish pics as well.
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sx 10/17/14 with dr jimerson

I have waited to update my thoughts on everything because I was going back and forth for so long. I have been on this site everyday and nearly all day reading reviews about the good, bad, and ugly on everything from doctor choosing to having realistic results. Of course like everyone I have talked with, we jump on the boat hoping and sometimes knowing this is the decision that is best. Unfortunately we go in with little to no knowledge of what we getting ourselves into. That was so me...ready to make a deposit to anyone who does bbl and give nice round asses. I was torn among choosing 1 out of 3 doctors then it was 1 out of 6 doctors. I have even considered going to Dominican Republic because the prices are super cheap. Its like you can get your entire body done for $100. lol so I am exaggerating it but you get the point on how cheap it is. Then I was left with more questions than answers and started hearing things. At first it was "oh they don't know just guessing." Then I started reading girls blogs on the trip to the D.R. Some exaggerate how awesome it is out there and how the results are pure perfection. But very few give the raw true. So D.R. is out for me. Then I started focusing on U.S. doctors. Every doctor on here has had some sort of negative review. Then I said oh that one is out and that one is out too. No more doctors left!!
Anyway final decision is Dr Jimerson. I have read negative reviews about him also. But lets face it, he gives fat asses right? I consider myself to be a big girl and really was hoping to have my body sculpt to perfection. But my main concern is achieving a better back side. Dr. Jimerson doesn't seem too aggressive with his lipo so of course I don't expect too much from that department. My initial scheduled consultation was October 31, 2014 which means the surgery wouldn't come until mid 2015. Then I got on facebook and saw that dr jimerson had this fast track webinar. I did the webinar on a Thursday and had my consultation that Monday with a patient coordinator. She's okay but I felt she was trying to sell me more than what I was willing to buy. She must have repeated herself 3x on how I would look nothing like my wish pic if I don't get a tummy tuck. Got very agitated with her and kept saying I just want an ass. Then of course she said I will still have a box shape if I don't add the hips to the procedure. Then went on to talk about my back rolls. NOT sold. I just want an ass. Anyway this was about 2 weeks ago and was told his next surgery date isn't until May 2014. So I decided on October 17th date because my bday is the following day. It is a while from now but like most Jimerson patients...we'll wait. Depending on the results I may consider a tummy tuck with another doctor because I do have a lot of loose skin.


I am going to Dr. Cortes. his website is very informative and staff is very professional. I didn't feel pressured at all. My first pick was JIMMERSON also.
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Its just that Dr jimerson gives more projection yet i know i would pay more in long run cuz the lipo isn't so great. Yet Dr cortes lipo is on point and doesnt charge extra for additional areas...yet the projection of his bbl isn't what Im looking for. But my mind is starting to sway in Dr cortes way though.
I know what u mean. DR. CORTES lipo Is amazing and the cost is so reasonable. It adds up with all the additional lipos, Dr. CORTES is a flat 9500 and bbl included. As far as bbl I'm asking for roundness and projection not a badonk. Go where ur heart is leading u too. I chose cortes bcuz of overnight stay and visits from dr himself or nurses.

Jcurves to Cortes

I am assuming that anyone who has ever considered getting a bbl by Dr J has came across robbed story on realself. Everyone has mixed reviews about it and others tend to deny it at first. Either way, as upcoming Dr J patients, her story will stick to you. If you dig more...not just with her story but really pay attention to people reviews, you find what you are looking for. Dr Cortes has responded to a comment on another person's blog and asked " a patient should choose a plastic surgeon?" Truth be told we ignore the negativity and have a tunnel vision on the positive after seeing the before and after pics online. With Dr. J I hope for the best. I know my surgery will be rushed due to high volume of patients and will only have a few hours to recuperate before my driver have to take me to the hotel. I know my concerns at pre op and post op will not be addressed because I will only be speaking with sales representatives...oops I mean patient coordinators. I will probably get a shelf butt even after showing wish pics of no shelf butts. Then I would pray and hope it fluffs. My back rolls, stomach fat, and boxy hips will still be intact because I was told by many that paying extra for those is a joke considering that they wont be touched. So after knowing all of this why do I still pay my deposit? Because I have hope that I will get dr j signature phat booty. Either way after recuperating from spending a fortune, I would then have to find a not so famous doctor to do aggressive lipo on all the areas that I need it at for a reasonable price within my state. Coming off more expensive afterall.

Have you ever read a girl's blog and by the end of it you were confused as hell on who she chose as a surgeon? Gosh that makes me so mad. To myself I say "get your mind together then post." But now I am in their shoes. It feels better to vent to people that may know what I am talking about instead to family who don't understand the plastic surgery world to begin with.

It's no secret Dr Cortes follows my review and addresses my concerns to the fullest. I also seen other reviews where he made lengthy educational comments about a situation. Don't know how he has the time but that definitely shows how compassionate he is for people in general.

I never explained why I changed my mind about Dr. Cortes. But it is because I didn't think he can give the projection I want. That's it. (Over caring doctor, several areas of lipo within the same bbl price, overnight stay at hospital, any negative review about him on real self will be address by the man hired assistants, personal hotel visits after surgery is completed, oh and he actually does the consultations himself) Yet the projection thing stopped me dead in my tracks and now dr cortes addresses them publically. I guess its a no brainer on who I chose as my bbl surgeon now huh.


Hey love just wanted to know how you been. I have a new account. So keep intouch. I would like to hear from you and how your journeys going. You stay the sweetheart you are! God Bless;)
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hey delightful, I have been on this site everyday even though I haven't updated my review in awhile. I been watching how everyone else's story been playing out. Very interesting. But anyway I am getting a tummy tuck before my bbl. I will like to get in February 2014 but its going to be with a doctor in my area. I haven't let go of the bbl operation...just putting it on the shelf for awhile.
Well I'm glad to hear from you. I feel you on that this is really nothing to rush into. Good planning always makes it better easy on you to make the right decisions. I've been doing the same as well looking and reading reviews seeing how everyone's coming along and to get the best answers to certain things that's important. I wish and hope the best for you're journey. It's always a pleasure catching up with you. I know that booty process want be on the shelf for long!;) But hmu anytime love.. And have a wonderful day.

tummy tuck then bbl

Hello bbl beauties. I have been on this site every single day following up on the notifications of updates I receive to my email. I'm so excited to see all of these queens getting the body they so rightfully deserve. I really want a bbl but need a tummy tuck. I started thinking what would be the most beneficial to me first. Just judging from my large belly I decided on the tummy tuck. I plan to get it around February 2014. That is when I am abled to take 2 weeks off from work. But in the mean time I been reading about everyone going through a weight loss journey before their bbl. I haven't always been interested to read those reviews because my mentality has always been "I'll just get lipo to the bra rolls, inner thighs, chin and so on" Then of course I have this boss of mines that tells everyone about this marathon she is going to be training for. I hear it on a daily basis. She says she runs 10 miles daily. I never knew that was humanly possible. But even more shocking is that she lost 125 lbs and most of the pics in her phone shows the proof of her once upon a time large frame. She mentioned how she started to see the fat disappear from her bra rolls and felt her thighs tighten/tone up. Hmmm interesting. So running can actually save me money from getting lipo? Ok lets do it! She decided to make me a plan on running (run for 20 sec, walk for 60 the intervals for 1 mile then each week we will adjust the schedule depending on how I do). Of course she wanted to go into detail with the eating habits but I aint ready for all of that. Anyway my tummy tuck will be done by a surgeon in my state...only 2 hours away. I want to recover in my own home. The price is $7200. To discuss my tummy tuck journey I am more than likely going to have to make a review in the tummy tuck section though. But after tummy tuck in February I do plan to come back to this review and give my journey on bbl because that is my ultimate goal in life. I know that's a shame huh. But of course the people that are following this review all would have had their bbl's done by then. I wish you all the best and keep those updates coming because I enjoy seeing those fat booties!


Awww sweatpea I been missing talking with you. I have a surgery date for May with Duran. I hope everything is working out your way. Miss you lots and I wish you well on your journey! Xoxo
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Trust me i gave gym 7+ yrs and i barely gained an inch of butt and i lift about 400 something lbs on hack squat and leg press. I even had a personal trainer- used to be body builder fir awhile and ate a lot of protein when i lifted for my legs and butt Finally i gave up and said thats it i am doing it. I never even knew this could be done. Thank god my sister it slipped cuz she didnt wanna tell me and i googled it and found real self. You picked the right doctor. Those were my top 3 (including salama) choices and went with salama just cuz it works better for us since i want my family to enjoy vacation while i recover best of luck hun
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Dr. J's Patient consultants also told me if I didn't get hips, I was still going to be a box!!! :( Glad you went with your heart and chose the doctor right for you! Best of luck!!
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how to tell a non understanding family I'm doing this NOW?

Looking at my last update, i didn't realize i was gone so long. Well technically i been here the whole time commenting on everyone else profile. Well this is it ladies. I finally have the chance to book my tummy tuck. March 12th i will be going to this plastic surgery center in baton rouge, la to view the before and after pics of the five surgeons that are there. Hopefully they can squeeze me in with a consultation of the doctor of my choosing. They are two hours from where i live so that is the main reason I'm going. I know a tummy tuck is major surgery and really wanted to recover in the comfort of my own home instead of a hotel. I'm really excited ladies!!!! The only problem is telling my family that I'm doing this now. At first it was just a thought or a suggestion on my part. Of course they think nothing is wrong with me. I will upload pre op pics as soon as i get a surgery date. After this tummy tuck is done, i have to acquire more vacation days on my job and money of course before i get this bbl.


Are you going in 2moro? I just put up my befores on my TT review
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Hey i wasnt able view your pics. Relook at your profile and see its visible. My consultation is today
Yes maam. Make sure you're looking at the review that says "i wanna look how i feel"

separate tummy tuck review

I didn't want to misrepresent this page so instead i recently set up a separate tummy tuck review. Feel free to view my pre op pics on other review. I will come back to this one from time to time to discuss my bbl plans

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tummy tuck sx 6/10/14

Finally the ball is rolling. The odds are in my favor. I am excited about my tummy tuck surgery because that only means that the bbl is next. The plan is to have my bbl March 2015. As of now I am looking towards the cheap route which is Vanity in Miami (14 hours from me). When I contacted them last month they were quoting $3500 for bbls. Yet I noticed a lot of other ladies were quoted a lot more, I'm really confused on what they even go by. Yet with hotel expenses for 2 weeks, I wont come up as cheap as I thought. Hopefully between here and now another doctor in my area will be doing just as good of a bbl for the same price Vanity is charging people.

My pre op appointment for my tummy tuck is this week, May 21st. Did I mentioned how excited I am? After the appointment I would have a good sense of what I need to buy. I am guessing that they would tell me what they would provide and wont they don't. So far I know I am purchasing bio oil and a waist clincher. I would be out of work from July 9th to July 21st. I only work 3 days a week so I would be resting a lot even after I go back to work.

My tummy tuck will be performed by Gary Cox with Plastic Surgery Associates in Baton Rouge, LA. The total cost $5895. Not bad huh


When are you going to cox. I'll be going to him soon. Luv the lil guy. I've had surgery with him before
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9 more days luv. Do u know when you getting your tummy tuck
Yes the beginning of July. I live near. He performed my breasts be fiction. Great guy. Idk how to operate this site I would update with pics n posts

doctors inconsistency

So I been stalking bbl's on this site and once I feel like that is the butt I want and choose a doctor, another patient comes along with not so great results. For example, one butt could look so full with great lipo and the other looks like a rushed job with no roundness whatsoever...same doctor, same price. IDK I guess that is just the risk we take when choosing to get any surgery. We all hope for the best. Of course doctors would say that its the different body types.

Anyway my tummy tuck is in less than a week and I'm having the blues. I don't want a botch job and I know many of you would think a tummy tuck is a no brainer. Flat belly duh. I know I need to think positive thoughts. I just feel that some people tummy tucks still leaves them with a pug that they have to work off. Yet others are so flat that their ribs be showing. I want the so flat that my ribs be showing results.

As many of you may have noticed, I been back and forth among choosing the best bbl surgeon. At the beginning of my review you would notice I had a surgery date with Dr J. I only paid the $500 deposit but nothing more. Then I switch after his slight inconsistency and unprofessionalism of an office. Yet, I never called to cancel. The surgery was set up for Oct 17, 2014. I called yesterday to move back the date. The next available is June 15, 2016. LOL I took it cause you just never know. Not saying I would wait that long but afterall I am having the blues about cosmetic surgery in general. I just hate how surgeons are sooo busy that their is no communication between patient and doctor. The way the demand has become, their is barely any communication between patient and nurse or coordinator.


Hey lady so how are you doing?
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Oops. I'm am so sorry i didn't see this comment until now. I been updating my tummy tuck review often though. I'm just now coming to the bbl review to update now.Everything has been going great though. I feel and look better each day. Thanks for checking up on me . By the way, you look awesome!!!
So did you have your procedure. Its good to take your time choose best doctor
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planning for bbl

So i am 2 weeks and 3 days tummytuck post op and here i am planning my next surgery. This time the only people who will know about it is you gals, my bf who is taking me, and God. I do not like the drilling of sarcastic questions from everyone else. Ive already been told that it don't look worth it....after showing a girl my tummy tuck. Wtf. Plus i get those nothing was ever wrong with u in the first place comments. Ladies if u have extra time, go glance at my tummy tuck review. I have before pics there and yes the surgery was much needed. No more tucking the belly in my pants just to feel flat looking.

This sad on my part, more research is much needed, but I'm thinking about fatima almonte in Dominican republic. I sent an email to inquire on the price. I feel like i shouldn't go out country because due to the risk. Idk. I just like how they shape their women. Docs out here afraid to suck too much out which barely looks like any lipo was ever done. Cortes is great but bbl price is out my range. Fisher is awesome and in my budget but vanity has issues.I might still settle for them though. Still confused...


Girl I feel you! I think the requirements are different in the states than the DR. I in Florida they can only legally take out 5000cc's of fat(guess that's why they recommend some of us lose weight first) either way, I want my lipo as aggressive as possible and I want my booty stuffed until it rejects lol. (Not really, but I want a rounder bottom half period.)
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Totally agree. I think too many doctors stop injecting the fat as soon as it goes in cuz some of these girls barely look touched but has the bruises to prove it. I really think we are suffering from a lack of bbl doctors who know what the booty suppose to look like. For example, there is none in my state!
Seriously?? That's crazy. I swear if one of this drs down in fl or the DR moved into a state where they don't have good or affordable bbl drs they would make a killing!!! I pray I don't turn out to be one of those girls who look untouched, or even messed up, they'll have to wheel me out cuz I'll be jumping right back on that operating table.

3 week post op tummy tuck

I need lipo asap. Last week sometime i contacted dr tania medina in dominican republic for quote on bbl only. I sent her my pics and she said $3700 for lipo to back, flanks, abdomen, and transfer to buttocks. Medication is an extra $150. Plus another $150 for medical insurance. medication. Plus $85 per night if you want recovery house. Um common sense will tell me to stay my flat butt in the states. Plus i need a passport and flight tickets. So not worth it!!! I found that women who are getting tummy tuck, bbl, and lipo to every area of their bodies will come out cheaper going to Dominican but not just one procedure. Plus i had asked her to send me some pre and post pics of her work via email. But all i got was a standard price email that she sends everyone that inquires. Dr fatima almonte responded to my inquiry today. She asked me to.send pics. I gave up on Dominican though. Its not cost effective.


Did you get a quote from Dr Mel Ortega or Dr Howard Robinson
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Yes his staff quoted me $3k to lipo everything. She did list what that includes but all I remember is flanks, back, and stomach. That's pretty good cuz my tt doctor charge $3k per area! I'm thinking about going in March though.
With a TT I can get lipo not of my stomach which I don't need. I inbox you. But I got an earful on Dr Cortes that scared that heck out of me. So no way will I be another burned victim. I'm going to Dr Mel Ortega. I know his work and friends I work with looks great. Plus Dr Mel Ortega with sculpting is ***over da top Ortega*** he goes over and beyond his call of duties to give you what you want. Before I found Dr Robinson I initially was going to him. I just switched at last minute because I was saving a lot of money up front. But because Dr Mel Ortega forte is satisfying your curves I'm no doubt going to him. But from what I heard stay away from Dr Cortes. I loved his results but the horror stories scares me
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I'm going with Dr Fisher now

He has been producing some awesome booties. I spoke with Stefany who of course seems sweet. She saying there is a $500 off special therefore Dr Fisher is $4500. Hasan is $3500 hmmm. Yet I'm not going with Hasan unless he start using drains. Anyway there is a $1000 deposit to secure amount or you can pay 1/2 the price of surgery to secure a date. When it's set in stone when I want it, then I will just pay the whole thing. Making payments is a tease plus I might end up having a change of heart. Of course I want Dr J he is the king but can't afford $10k plus hotel and food expenses oh and fight. I'm thinking about going to Dr Fisher in February or March of 2015. I might be going alone cuz my family and friends are broke and I ain't paying anyone's flight and other expenditures. Anyone thinking about going around same time let me know so we can buddy up. I'm not doing the recovery house there. I heard they have dead roaches laying around

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financial dilemma- suggestions are definitely needed!

Earlier this week I was approved for a $10,000 consolidation loan. I already have a loan with the company that is only a few payments from being paid off. So of course I fell into their marketing trap and got approve for this great amount. The problem is that I have nic nak bills like everyone else I know. Well, this $10k will not combine everything. BUT $10k plus a decent tax return will. Then the only bill I will have is the payments on the loan.

My dilemma is pretty petty, sad, and pathetic. Yes, I know you probably guessed it. I really want this bbl. My bf lost his job a few months ago so he isn't able to help me like we planned. Its going to be just me again. The ideal body is my ultimate dream. Part of me says, "girl you are finally about to get your finances in order if you stay grounded." The other part says, "everyone has debt, in fact the world has accepted it and embraced it to a certain degree so go get that ass."
I am so sick of fat booty girls wearing leggings. Back in the day, if you wore leggings you wore a long shirt to cover you ass. I truly envy them and wish I can do the same.



i said to myself I have one life to live and bills will always be there! Lol I'm so ready for a new bod!!!
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I won't be satisfied with anything until I get this done. I read your review where u stated its psychotic. I feel like I am all the way. My nerves are so darn bad. I'm tired of feeling weird by catching myself staring at other girls butt. I check rs nearly every 2 hours just to see if there is a new story update. Yes I need mental help.
Only every 2 hours??? Lol I check every 60 seconds! You are not alone. All I do is daydream about it. What will I wear? Where will I go? How confident I will feel! Crazy looney status! Lol

funds delivered today

So I got my funds today and I still haven't contacted vanity to pay anything like my plan has been all week. Yesterday one of the ladies I was suppose to travel to Florida with is unable to go now. She lives in my area so I felt comfortable going on a plane, hiring driver, and etc with her. Just yesterday I was spending majority of my time looking for condos to rent. Once she told me she can't go, It made me stop dead in my tracks to rethink about this. God never did anything wrong. I believe everything happens for a reason. Y'all this Ebola crap is freaking me out. I live in Louisiana and we had our first scare yesterday from a patient that came to get checked out. (I work in the ER) I don't want to be on no plane with someone that probably has it. Maybe I'm over reacting but it's all over the news with possible cases popping up in different states. Sigh I'm not spending a dime until I know exactly what I want to do.


I want to go to fusher March mid 2015
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Where do u stay
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