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Lose Forehead Wrinkles, Gain Eyebrow Sagging - Austin, TX

This doctor hit me with 25 units of Botox. It was...

This doctor hit me with 25 units of Botox. It was my first time ever using it. While I liked watching the lines in my forehead instantly disappear, I absolutely despise the sagging in my right eyebrow. I can't wait for this to wear off. Won't be doing it again. Word of advice to those who are trying it for the first time: Start slowly. DON'T do 25 units at first--no matter what the doctor suggests. Start with maybe 15. You can always get more later.


Oh no :( I'm so sorry to hear you got sagging. I can definitely understand why you would be not wanting to do it again if that was your first experience.

I think your advice to start out very slowly the first time, and build up if needed is very sound advice.

Please keep us posted on how you are doing, and how long the sagging lasts. Hopefully since this was your first time it moves through your system super quickly!

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