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Botox to Crows Feet and Between Eyes - Austin, TX

I had my crows feet done 5 days ago. I seem to...

I had my crows feet done 5 days ago. I seem to have delayed bruising, swelling and dark circles under my eyes, making it look like I have more wrinkles underneath. I wish I had never done this. I no longer have crows feet but didn't expect more wrinkles. It make take more time to see the full results but right now I'm not happy with the results now.

Hi Austin,

Welcome to the community and thanks for the review. I'm sorry to hear you are not satisfied with your procedure. I have heard Botox can take up to two weeks some times to fully see the results. Please keep us updated to how everything turns out.



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The side affects like the bruising and swelling are not worth it, you may get rid of your crows feet, but looking like your tired all the time until the swelling goes away is not worth it. Grow old gracefully, thats what I'm going to do after this wears off.

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