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I would have it done 1 a year. As it doesn't last...

I would have it done 1 a year. As it doesn't last.300.00 for 45 minutes. I have seen this being sold for 75.00 at the mall but didn't try it . I would love to have whiter teeth but I don't like dropping 300.00 every time. Has anyone found it for a reasonable price. I have also tried gels and trays and find the taste awful and don't leave them on long enough.

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So did you have Zoom already, or are you just considering it at this point?

I hear you about the taste of the gels. I think its gross too. One of my friends actually likes the taste - lucky her!! Have you tried the Crest whitening strips? I find those aren't as bad. Also, if you get custom made trays from the dentist the gel stays much closer to your teeth and you don't taste much at all.


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Yes I had zoom. Loved the way it looked. Could only go 45 minutes due to sensitivity but it still whitened and lasted maybe a year!!!
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That's awesome you still had good whitening from it if only 45 mins were completed.

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