MOHS Left One Nostril Higher Than the Other

MOHS treatment was overall not unpleasant. It took...

MOHS treatment was overall not unpleasant. It took three tries to get it all. By the third time I was getting frustrated with the process, but understood it.

During post op discussion with my doctor, I asked about my right nostril being distorted. But I am not sure I ever got a straight answer.

I had a MOHS procedure done yesterday on a small spot on my nose. The doctor recommend the wound be closed with stitches. Now, one nostril is pulled up about 1/8'. Will it return to its normal position as the wound heals?
When you read in the Moh's pamphlet that it is the surgery to choose for the best possible cosmetic outcome, keep in mind it can become a small or huge generalization of what your individual reality will be.
It depends on the type of repair done and the amount of nasal alar elevation. Small amounts of nasal alar elevation (1-2mm) tend to go down with time. Larger amounts of elevation may need revision. Be patient, as it has only been a few days, and let your doctor know about your concerns.
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Very likable and seems quite knowledgable.

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