Four years ago I burned my upper lip by accident. ...

Four years ago I burned my upper lip by accident. I went to get a series of steroids shots, but the scar reappeared. I have consulted with many surgeons, until I was lucky to have found Dr. Andrew Winkler, in AURORA, CO.
As today, 23 April2014, the surgery is not scheduled yet.
I have to say that I am very worried and apprehensive about the outcome of it, particularly for the fact that I could end up uneven lip tissue's healing, a lopsided lip etc.
Andrew Winkler

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Have you had the procedure yet?
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No I did not, despite my insurance approved the surgery, I opted out because Dr. Winkler was not clear on the surgery approach and blamed me for misunderstanding his proposal. When it comes to surgeries, a good communication with the surgeon is paramount. I did not have such luck yet.
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Hey there, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us!

Do you know when you're going to be having the procedure, or are you still researching?
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My insurance all proved the procedure but there is a lot of miscommunication with the surgeon involved in my consult. Thanks to, I am able to get other surgeons's opinion in what is the plan of surgery for my upper lip.
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I am still researching.
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