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I just turned 30 a mother 2 12year old daughter 8...

I just turned 30 a mother 2 12year old daughter 8 year old son I have wanted a tt since I gave birth to my first child however I was only 17 at the time I'm glad I have waited not that I had a choice but I feel I'm finally settled and now I'm going thru my post op appt is march 2 I'm excited but I'm sacred to death of recovery..,,,,I read these story's everyday and they are really helpful so here I am to tell my story I will update afther my post op appt this fri march 2 2012


I'll be at pre-op in a few hours with the surgery scheduled for march 6th! I'm there with you girls, hopefully I remember all of the questions I want to ask, I actually wrote a list, lol
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Sacred - you go in one day before I go. I am like you, I had my daughter at 17 and I have waited a long time to fix the mess left behind. I go tomorrow for my Post Op and I am making a list to carry with me. Hopefully we can help each other with any unanswered questions that we may still have after the fact. I can't wait until we are both on the road to healing. Thanks for messaging me and stay in touch with me.
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Ok I will this site has been very helpful with a lot of concerns I had let me know how ur post op go....

Tomorrow is my big day I've been waiting forever...

Tomorrow is my big day I've been waiting forever for this all tho I sacred I've neva had surgery b4 this I think this website have become my favorite website I'm always checking to see what was the outcome and how every one got through this process so tomorrow or wed I will update my outcome to let u all know how it went good luck and may god bless every one who is getting a TM ........

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I havent been on here in a while I had my tt on...

I havent been on here in a while I had my tt on March 13 so I'm now post op 14 days and just wanted to share my experience the first week was hell for me I was more emotional then anything I went thru the depressed stage my family has been so helpful but back to the tt week one those drains got on my nerves I also had the pain pump which was very helpful but I was so ready to have it all taken out I got my drain removed on day 10 yayyyyyyy and my pain pump on day 3 I was takin my meds every 4 hrs as needed cause I did in deed need them week so on tomorrow will be my 2 week mark it seems like I've been stuck in this house forever I'm not in any pain however I am swollen by the end of the day and I'm still hunched over how long does this last??? My belly button looks horrible but the dr keep saying everything looks good I'm kinda of sacred bout it any ideas to what I can use on my bb ?? I will update some pics


I have been walking straight since day one. My PS said it was ok just listen to my body. Is it just too tight for you to stand straight up? Sounds like you are doing better now. Take care and God bless.
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Hey ladies just wanted to see how everybody holding up I hope everything went well I'm doing good just humped ova I'm moving thank god
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