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I had weight loss surgery in December 2013 in...

I had weight loss surgery in December 2013 in Mexico. I was weighing 258. I currently weigh 165 six months later. I am happy with my weight loss. However, the 1st things to go was my botty and hips. I love like I don't have no ass at all. I have scheduled a consultant with Dr. Ewart at Augusta Plastic Surgery Center on August 13, 2014. I used him before to do my breastfeeding reduction. I was amazed with his result.


Welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Are you having implants alone, or are you having some fat transfer with it?
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I will discuss with the surgeon to see what's best for me. I want the best permanent result. But I would like have liposuction too.
Good idea! Please do keep us updated with your progress!


I pushed my consultant up from Aug 12 to July 1. I am also looking into Changing surgery date from November to October 10, 2014


I am looking at butt implants with fat graft to the hips.

consultant update

I went to consultant today. Dr. Ewart was awesome. He answer all of my questions. He did 3D image to show me the different sizes that fit my body. He gave a discount for being a returning patient. I scheduled my surgery for October 10. Now the wait begins


Good luck!
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Good luck can't wait to see your results
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Good luck girl, cant wait to see your results he put the works in on another RS member on here! I may be considering him!
Augusta Plastic Surgeon

He is wonderful. He listens to your concerns and wish. He makes sure that your happy.

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