Lift, Saline Implant Removal and New Sientra Implants - Augusta, CA

Finally doing this after several years of debating...

Finally doing this after several years of debating. I have sub glandular saline implants that were put in through my armpit. They are sagging and need to be removed. As recommended to me, I'm going with removal of the round saline implants, a breast lift and new sientra teardrop shaped textured silicone implants placed under the muscle wall. I'm so excited!!!!!


I went and checked out your butt augmentation photos. You look great! Sounds like you'll be relieved to get a breast implant revision. Your smart to get a lift now so you don't have to go back again soon. Do you know what size implants you'll be getting? What size are your current implants? Keep us're almost there!
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Augusta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ewart is the best!! He did an awesome job on my butt augmentation so I am very excited about this procedure.

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