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I am a 25 (nearly 26) year old mum of 3 munchkins...

I am a 25 (nearly 26) year old mum of 3 munchkins aged 10,7 and 3. I am 157cm and around 51.5kg. I think that's about 114lbs?. I am hoping to get down to 50kg before my surgery which is scheduled for the 25th of September. I put on nearly 25kg with my first child and my skin has never been the same since. It is stretched and covered in stretch marks and I hate it. I have been for a few consults with different surgeons and have booked in with Dr Martin Rees. I feel really comfortable with him and i'm hoping he will do a good job! I am super nervous, and I think mostly scared about dying! I know that sounds silly but I have never been under anaesthetic or had any type of surgery and I am worried I am not going to wake up. Hopefully this will turn to excitement closer to the time... I will post pics of my horrible belly soon..


How exciting K25! Yes normal to have those feelings..I was the same, would be very excited but then start imagining all sorts of things lol..but you will be just fine..you will love the end results..it's so worth it!
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Thanks littlekiwi, I will post some pics tonight hopefully. I just hope I start getting excited about it soon.

Photo's 5 weeks Pre Op

Argghhh, so loading some photo's... Hardest thing EVER!


I think you'll get a fantastic result you might end up with the old bellybutton as a s at as you're very petite but I think that's what I'm getting too :) I'm gettin more and more excited now and less worried its actually happening in 2 weeks today :D never been as scared excited nervous worried and ecstatic all at the same time lol
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Good luck, I'm a little over 2 weeks PO, loving my results already!!!
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Your results are awesome! Hopefully I will be there soon, and feeling as good as you look!

Finally told everyone

I have no officially told everyone about my surgery. My dad was the last person I told today and that was only because I was worried about his response so left it as long as possible. He surprised me by just laughing and saying "how do you do a tummy tuck on a straw" this is a compliment coming from my dad... He was very supportive though and said if it makes me happy he will fully support me! It seems my hubby has been the only one really to object to the idea. (it has taken me 3 years to talk him around) I was pleased I had told my mum a few months ago as she passed away on the 3rd of July, so I am glad I got her blessing and support before hand, it means a lot that she was on the same thinking as dad, if it will make me happy and more confident go for it.
So I am feeling really good about my decision today... I'm sure that will change again but for now i'm positive.
On another note my weight was at 50.8kg this morning the lightest I have been in about 7 years so super stoked about that! I'm sure that will change too but taking the win's where I can :)

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It won't let me edit it!

That is supposed to say now not no!


You really do look fantastic k25, you really will be so wrapped with your results. I had 3 children by 26 and I let my body go, after 20 years thought it was time for me and finally lost 25 kilos. The tummy tuck has been the best decision. Ideally I would like to lose 3 or 4 more kilos, but its an ongoing journey. I see your surgery is quite a lot, are you staying in hospital more than 1 night? I also had those fears, I think we all have felt very mortal during this process, but I can honestly say, you will be fine, us kiwi girls are made of string stuff. I look forward to following your journey.
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Thanks Kayleighsgran, I appreciate all of your comments :) I would like to lose a bit more before the surgey but not sure if i'm going to be able to. It's getting harder and harder to lose the weight but I don't think I actually have that much more to go :) Mine does seem to be quite a bit more, I did see a few surgeons for consults and did end up going with the most expensive.. I will put up the list of costs and what money is going to where/who and maybe you could compare them to yours? I am also only staying one night..

Cost Breakdown

My surgery does seem to be costing a bit more than most others. This is the breakdown of costs from the surgeon. I am also only staying one night and he said my surgery will take about 3 1/2 hours. I'm assuming if it takes less time it will be cheaper??
Surgeons Fee: $7675
Surgical Assistant: $245
Pressure Garment: $150
Hospital: $7200
Anaesthetist: $2450
The anaesthetist and hospitals fees are based on the surgery taking 3 1/2 hours.
I'm not too sure how this compares to others, I am interested if anyone else wants to share the breakdown of their costs to see what the difference is :)


I'm having surgery in Northern Ireland and they have a fixed rate for each surgery so ill be paying 4200 sterling for a full tt,pubic lift and lower muscle plication he said he'll wait til the end if surgery and make sure i don't end up with dog ears. It will take between 2 and 3 hrs and ill be staying in the small private hospital for 2 nights so I definitely feel you are paying way over the odds especially since there is such little work to be carried put on you x
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Good luck!
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You're going to get some amazing results. You're so thin already so I would think it wouldn't be too long because theres nothing to lipo, but I'm not sure if surgeons charge by the time or procedure where you are. Here it seems to be by the procedure. It does seem to be very expensive, but I think if you're very comfortable with your surgeon and he is excellent it is probably worth it.
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Getting nervous

I am getting really nervous now.. I have an appointment with my surgeon on Monday to go over all the pre-op things I guess? I am not actually too sure what the appointment is for other than to pay the rest of the money... I think I have got over the whole petrified of dying thing, and I am now concerned about it not going right or my incision being too high or my BB looking like it's been drawn on! I have written down all my questions and concerns and will go over it all on Monday with my PS. It has been so helpful reading all of the other reviews on here as I have got a whole list of questions that I would never have thought about otherwise... I have to order my CG next week, all I have to do is send in all of my measurements and they make it and ship it out, very handy I must say!
I have however put on a bit of weight :( all the stress of this surgery business is making me eat... and not the good sort of eating. I will take some more pic's before the surgery to show the extent of all these stretch marks and loose skin, you cant really see it all that well in the photo's I have put up.

I am also getting a bit worried about how much help I am going to need afterwards. My husband is taking the day of my surgery and the following day off but that is it. This is a really busy time of year for us (farming) and he simply cannot take the time off. I will hopefully be able to send the kids away for the two days after that but that's only going to take me to day 4 PO and I will be on my own from day 2 PO. Is this going to be realistic or am I going to have to find someone to be with me from day 2-4 and to help with the kids after day 4?? I guess I really don't know what I'm in for, so anyone with kids that could shed some light would be great :)


I think u will have great results since u already seem to be a good weight. U shape looks fine to me. I think with a tummy tuck u will look smoking hot! Ur surgery is the day after mines so good luck!
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I was scared of not waking up too, totally normal to freak out before TT, but your pre op should set you at ease. I would say have someone at least checking in on you day 3,4&5. You have to be on a medication schedule and not easy to do that on your own. Also maybe someone to get you a meal so your not nauseous taking your meds.. I felt ok at day 5, just getting around slowly, but not in a lot of pain at all. Day 1-3 were the hardest for me. I was nauseous and dizzy when I stood for too long, definitely needed help... My advice is to ask about what he does for nausea from the anesthesia., I had a patch, zofran and meds in drip.. That nausea was almost the worst part for me.
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i am in a similar boat my hubby can only take a few days but my doc said i will need help for 1 week minimum so i have roped in my neighbour and best mate i think you might wanna find someone else too! My op is next sat the 14th omg im so scared now but hey im gonna suck it up and be brave! I am certain you will have great results and i hope i do too! xx
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Home from Pre-op

So... I had my pre-op appointment today. It went pretty well I guess, other than I was nearly late because I had to stop and help move a herd of cows off a railway track just as a flippin train was coming! Thank god they saw us and slowed down. But I then had to get them off a main busy road because that's where they ended up after getting them off the train tracks!!!

Anyway... He said I will be able to have my horizontal scar as low as I want it YAY! but I will end up with a vertical incision because my BB won't be able to be pulled down as far as the horizontal one. He also said if my skin isn't able to be pulled down much then I will end up with a vertical incision right from my belly button down to my TT incision :( not super happy about that one! He did say if this had to happen then he will be able to pull over skin from my hips so that will tighten all that up too. I guess that is 1 positive of having an ugly vertical scar :(

He also said I will need a tiny bit of lipo to my upper abdomen but that's all.
I told him I don't want any muscle repair and he agreed that I didn't really need any, my ab muscles are pretty strong you just can't see them!
He also said I would need to have the kids away for the week following my surgery, my mother in law came with me today and she said she would help as much as possible. I guess she realises how hard this is for me with my mum gone and not a lot of support.
He also suggested a pain thing that I have inserted in my belly that drips local into it for the first 3 days after surgery...(I take it out myself after day 3) Has anyone else had this? Did it work well? It is going to cost an extra $500 so I'm wondering if it is actually worth it as it seems like a lot of money. Has anyone not had this, and if so how has your pain been over the first few days?

That was pretty much it for my appointment, I signed consent forms and paid the rest of the surgeons fee. (I pay the balance of the hospitals fee on discharge) and he told me to order my CG this week so I have it in time.
He will take pre-op photo's on the day and I am to take my bikini bottoms with me so he can mark me with them on before surgery and also my CG which I will wake up in apparently!


Wow exciting! I think if you are not having MR then pain pump may not be needed? If they give you good pain meds you might not need the pump..I found pain was minimal as I took regugular meds and also you are pretty numb around your incision and lower tummy as well. Thats great that your MIL is going to be there for you too..:)
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That's what i'm thinking too, I might email them and say I don't think I need one. It's an extra $500 as well and my hubby is still not happy about having to put an extra $10,000 on the mortgage! Yes I am very lucky, she is so supportive. I'm sure there aren't many mother in laws like her :) It's going to be nice to have a break even though I will be recovering so not really a break, but will be good to focus solely on me for a few days!


Okay so I have read so many reviews and most of them say a few days before the op they are out to get supplies... What are these supplies?? I haven't been told to get anything by my PS. The only thing I've been told is to not eat 6 hours before surgery and to bring along comfy clothes... I will be staying one night in their private hospital but what sort of supplies are people getting for when they get home?


I had a pain pump... its a must have! I felt nothing ... very awesome!
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That's what I hear, i'm just not sure it's worth the extra $500! I have a pretty high pain tolerance :)

9 Days Eeek!

Well 9 days to go!

I ordered my compression garment today, hopefully I will receive it by the end of the week! I have put on so much weight lately :( I need to get down to 51kg before next Wednesday though as that is what I've told the anaesthetist I weigh! I did however get a phone call from the people making my compression garment to double check my waist measurement as they said it seemed small, I told her it was correct at 67cm and she told me I had a small waist! It made me smile :)

I noticed on a lot of other reviews that people go for pre-op checks with blood tests and b/p checks etc etc but I have done nothing like that... I wonder if it just standard procedure in other countries?? It's puzzled me a little. Anyone from NZ been for these checks?

Hope everyone is healing well, I have seen some amazing transformations in the reviews I have been reading and looking at! Hopefully that will be me in 9 days!


Don't worry I didn't have any blood work before hand just went in that morning double checked that they had all the right info waited and met the anesthetist then waited for my ps and was marked up and then wheeled to theatre :)
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It all seems so scarily simple doesn't it? You would think abdominal surgery would be taken more seriously but it isn't. I guess it's just another day at the office for a surgeon... Doesn't help the person on the receiving end stop freaking out though!!

I'm addicted

Okay so I am addicted to this darn website! Like seriously addicted. I am spending every spare minute I have on here trawling through other peoples reviews and comparing and contrasting bellies, scars, recoveries and general surgery biz! My husband is even a little concerned...(not kidding) I hope this eases up after next Wednesday!

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Felt Pen + Bikini = Pre-op photo's

I thought I'd muck around with a felt pen and draw on what are most likely going to be my scars. My only dream out of this is to wear this bikini and feel awesome...


I thought mine was alot at about 12800 .. I think ur getting charged way to much .. That's crazy I could have gotten boobs too with that much maybe a lil more cash ( at the same time which cuts cost a lil ) u might want to look into a different ps .. My surgery was 7 hours too . I got a no drain tt which takes longer and my surgeon takes his time
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I think things are just priced differently in different parts of the world. I've committed now and just want it over I really don't care how much it costs me I just want a flat tummy for once in my life. I feel I am paying a lot but I am getting a really experienced surgeon and I feel like I will be taking a step backwards if I try and look at going with someone else. My surgery is only going to be about 3.5 hours maybe less so yeah I am paying quite a bit more than you :(

CG arrived, This just became very real!

My CG arrived in the post today, super fast considering I only ordered it Monday and it's custom made and we live rurally! Super impressed as it fits like a glove. I will post pic's tonight once kids go to bed. I also had a call from the surgery to let me know I need to be there at 7:30am for surgery at 8. We will have to leave just before 6 to get there on time. She said no eating or drinking after midnight and the only things I need to bring are CG, toothbrush, hairbrush and some comfy clothes to wear home. I was shaking by the time we had finished talking. I guess it's really happening!

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Oh so sexy.... :S

Or not...


Wow almost there get ur self a walker ur going to need it!! It helps so much!!
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Thanks for the advice, I will see what I can do between now and Wednesday...

2 Days to go!

To say I am nervous and scared is an understatement... To say I'm a little down is about right... To say I am eating everything in sight; the scales confirm... To say I am ready for this to be over, damn straight!


Wanna say a massive good luck for tomarrow I sincerely hope you get the result you deserve. You are gona love being on the flat side ;D xxxxxxxxc
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lol, love your attitude, I was ready too, after going thru the scared and panicked part, I was ready to go ! best of luck to you, you look really good now, you can tell it is just loose skin not fat so your results should be totally awesome! cant wait to see your after pics, keep us posted and best wishes to you !
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Woooooo good luck missy it'll all go great!!!!! :D xxxxx
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I'm still alive, YAY!

Well I made it!
Left at 5:30am wednesday morning and got there about 7. Saw the nurse, she did all my obs. Saw my PS and he drew around my bikini bottoms. Saw the anaesthetist and he went over everything with me. After that I started to freak out. Cried and started shaking then it was time to go to theatre. My hubby couldnt come with me which i didnt like. Was still crying as I hopped on the table, the nurses were lovely though and held my hand.
Then got a lure in my arm and he gave me something and I was asleep!
Woke up in a bit of pain and very nautious. That day wasnt too bad pain wise, but wednesday night and thursday morning was pretty bad pain wise. Had to get up thursday am and go to the toilet after my cathedar was taken out, that bloody hurt getting up and I nearly passed out. Went home Wednesday about 11. Car trip home was okay till I had to get out of the car. Thursday night was okay and managed to get up this morning and go to tge toilet on my own, still very hunched over and in a bit of pain. Im taking 2 different morphine, tramadol, antibiotic, paracetamol, ibuprofen and an anti nausea. Oh I also had a temp wednesday night which made me feel really yucky.
Still have my CG on and will do till my appt on monday so cant even see anything!! I have 1 drain and should get that out monday. Its not been too bad and isnt too anoying.
Oh my PS said he lipo'd off 600ml of fat and cut off another 500g of fat and skin so I am really looking forward to seeing what it all looks like!
If ive forgotten anything just ask, my brain is a bit foggy...


Ur gonna look amazing. U were already tiny before so this is only gonna enhance ur figure
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Here's hoping! Thanks for the comment.

3 days post op

Well I'm 3 days post op... I am still walking very hunched over, getting up and going to the toilet by myself and my back and legs are very sore. Tummy still sore too and taking my meds on time for the most part sometimes a bit late. Almost slept all night with only a long lasting morphine as pain relief all night.
Still no BM as yet, and my 1 drain is draining about 30ml a day.
Looking forwrd to monday and hopefully seeing whats under all this binding and packaging!


Just read all your posts. Now I can't wait to see you pictures! I bet you will look great!!
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Thanks, I cant wait to see my belly either oh and have a shower!

It's been a rough few days!

Well Sunday I woke up with a migraine and felt so sick all day it was horrible... I came home from my sisters place Sunday afternoon and have been at home since. My apt to get my drain out was meant to be yesterday but instead I spent over 3 hours on the toilet in the most excruciating pain of this whole journey thus far. Thank goodness for spare surgical gloves I say!
My drain is still causing no trouble, I hardly know it's there and is only draining 15ml a day.
I'm sleeping okay, getting about 6 hours a night and usually only 1 nap during the day, its a bit hard now as I am home with my 3 year old. The older two come home tomorrow. I am taking paracetamol regularly and ibuprofen on occasion, so the pain is pretty manageable.
I am getting around much better today, I actually have enough energy to come and sit at the computer and type this up! I am still a bit light headed and my eyes have still been a bit funny from the migraine on Sunday, hopefully that will go soon.
My follow up apt is now tomorrow and will get my drain removed. I also hope to get a look at my belly! Not sure if I will get a look at the incision or not but will post pic's regardless.
I am very swollen too and have been using ice packs which seems to help.
I just can't wait to feel semi normal again. My hubby seems to be doing well with helping with the kids and the house but I can see he is a bit over it...
On another note my leg is still numb where they stuck the anti-clotting injection in. A patch about 20cm by 10cm I can't feel at all and it's bruised where the needle went in, I will ask about this tomorrow.
Hope everyone else is doing well, I will try and catch up on everyone else's reviews when I can sit at the computer for a decent period of time xx


Hope your appt went well. We did our tt on the same day. Let us know how you are doing. My appt is thursday at 1pm. You were very thin to start with so I'm excited to see how your results come out.
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Hope your appointment goes well, cant wait to see pics, I bet you are excited to see your results, this is a major surgery so take it easy like you have been, you may need help longer than you thought, I know I did, sorry you have been sick, I have to say I didn't feel great either afterwards, hope each day gets better for you.
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Hope you are feeling better, I had a migraine a few days ago and boy they knock you for a six! Take it easy and rest as much as possible, although very hard to do with children. Hope you get the results you want when you get to look, remember it will take time to settle down though xx
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First Post OP Appointment DONE! NO VERTICAL SCAR!!! WOOP WOOP!

Had my post op apt today. It all went okay. Healing is going great, scar is very low and I don't have a vertical scar! I didn't look too much as I felt really light headed and felt like I was going to pass out... Getting the drain out hurt and the first nurse was very rough taking off my dressings. I asked her to stop and another nurse came in and took them off while she was out of the room :) she was much more gentle. The nice nurse also took the stitches out of my belly button, again I didn't even look so can't tell you if I like it or not! She just put a basic tape on again over my incision so will take pics tonight when I have my shower and wash my CG. I am SO swollen and bruised. I cannot even fit in to my fat pants... That is how much swelling I have. The nurse said it should start to go down over the next week. I am still hunched and in a lot of pain, the nurse asked what I was taking for pain and I told her that I only had paracetamol and ibuprofen left and she said I had been undermedicating for the last 3 days! No wonder I am in so much pain! I have a new lot of pills so should be more comfortable over the next week.
Sleeping is still pretty rough, I find it hard to get comfy in this darn recliner, and am not getting a lot of sleep; and now I have all 3 kids at home on my own i'd say that is going to decrease even more :(
On the upside I love my tummy and cant wait to see it without all this swelling, hopefully I love my BB as much as the rest of it once I finally see it!
Will post pics later tonight once I have got this CG off!


So happy for you that you don't have a vertical scar :D xxx happy healing can't wait to see your pics :) xxx
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Yay!! No vertical scar! I know you're happy about that. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't have a vertical scar either. Can't wait to see your pics!
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Do you have help with your kids? Take it easy & rest! Looking forward to your updates :)
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No Compression Garment + Shower = Almost passing out!

So the shower was almost a disaster... Thought id jump in the bath as we have a detachable shower head in the bath (but not in our shower) and sit there and get hubby to help me wash... Well not a great idea. As soon as I sat down in the bath I went light headed and felt like I was going to pass out or puke. I had to get my hubby to try and lie me down and put my legs up the best he could. I decided kneeling in the actual shower over a kids chair was the best way to go, this wasn't too bad but still felt really woozy. Anyway... I got some pics after my shower! It was dark so you can't really see the extent of the bruising and the swelling is a lot worse than it looks but here we go...! Oh and my pain is much better with having proper meds!

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Grr photo's aren't loading for some reason!

I'll try again soon...


I know I am stoked! I'm trying to get pic's up, stupid computer!
Yes I know YAY! I am very happy! Trying to upload pics but my computer is throwing a wobbly!

Pic's 1 week post tummy tuck.

1 week post tummy tuck after shower at night. Super swelling, bruising is not as noticeable as it is in day time.


wow that is gonna be super when healed hun happy healing x
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Aw that is gona look brill xxx :D
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I was looking for vertical scar, the work yo had done looks great, you are going to be extremely happy with it I have a feeling !
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Over did it..

I felt really good yesterday afternoon so go stuck in and did the house work... Big mistake! I have woken up really swollen and tight. Has anyone got any tips for the swelling? Specific foods/drinks or what to do or not to do? I will try anything!
On another not I have ordered a new compression garment. This one where the zips are on the sides digs in and hurts so bad. I am getting one made the same but with no zips. I know it'll be harder to get on and off but these zips really do hurt a lot when they get a wave in them like most zips do... Also I think the way it is with the zips getting the wave in them is actually stopping me standing up straighter because when I pull it up at the sides and make them straight I can actually stand a whole lot straighter!
Slept better last night, these new pain killers are really keeping on top of the pain which is so good because I am actually getting sleep and am able to move around more comfortably.
Hope everyone is healing well xx


You look great!
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Thanks :) just can't wait to feel great too.

10 days post-op

Well today was a better day. I felt like I had more energy today and managed to get some housework done and had a friend to visit. I am going to try and sleep in my own bed tonight as I had a really bad night's sleep in the recliner last night and ended up with a really sore neck! I am not in as much pain today and have just taken minimal pain killers. The swelling is still irritating me and I also have a sore bit on my hip. I noticed it last night and it seemed to be a bit redder today. If it is any redder/sorer/bigger tomorrow then I will go to the doc's, the last thing I want is an infection!
Hopefully my new CG will be here by Wednesday (it's Saturday today) so I can get out of this stupid one with zips into something a little more comfy. I will try putting a singlet or something on underneath this one though in the mean time and undoing the zips and leaving the hook and eyes done up at night to make it a bit more tolerable.
Hope everyone is doing a bit better today :)


Glad you're feeling better today :)
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You're welcome :) been through this in a couple ways so sometimes others ideas really save a lot of discomfort, lol! Wish I had had the support the first time through for sure :) best to you, girl!
Definitely. I've seen some skin death on this site. I think some of this comes from not giving their incision enough circulation to heal. You need to let it all hang out a few times a day while you lay down. Then tighten it back up. Then loosen it at night again.

Sellping in bed = Fail

So I tried to sleep in bed last night and it didn't go so well. I think I was just afraid of my hubby knocking me in the night and I felt really vulnerable. I also got so hot I ended up putting wet flannels on my feet at about 1:30 this morning! I did however feel better laying down a bit flatter and my neck wasn't sore this morning. I think I will try and do what I did in bed but maybe on the couch tonight.
I also wore my cg with the zips undone but the hook and eyes still done up (it lets it out by about 2cm) and that was way more comfy.
The red spot is no bigger than yesterday and I was actually looking through my photo's and noticed that it was actually there on Wednesday so it's not a new thing. I will keep an eye on it though but it's not worrying me any more.
Got up this am and had a shower etc then realised after I had breakfast that I hadn't even had any pain killers. I was a bit sore but not too bad at all! That was quite encouraging :)
I also think my swelling may have decreased a bit?! (touch wood) my tummy finally seems a little softer but I'm not counting my chickens just yet.... I think drinking more water and juicing has helped a touch as I started that yesterday so I will carry that on for the next few days and see how I go. The water definitely helped with the toileting issues! So drink up ladies!


Yea! I'm glad you let your cg out a little and gave your incisions time to get more circulation. Didn't it feel wonderful to do that? That's great about the pain killers. I only take one at night to help me sleep. Otherwise I haven't needed any. I'm glad you're getting better.
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It definitely helped and I have been letting it out at night since. I think it has helped me to sleep better too. I only took 4 paracetamol yesterday and a tramadol last night as I was getting a bit sore. Feeling pretty good about that!

13 Days post op.

So I have another follow up appointment tomorrow with the nurse I presume... I'm thinking I may get the tape off my incision but i'm not sure... I will update all pics tomorrow too for the 2 week mark. Not a lot has changed, bruising still there but I think it has gone down a little and still really hunched.
Still sleeping in the lazy boy, which has been better the last few nights.
Swelling still insane and I hate it with a passion! Trying to be patient.
Weight up a bit but I haven't been eating very well, the joys of having visitors and lots of cake!
Pain minimal, haven't had anything so far today but will have a few paracetamol over the day when my tummy starts to pull or burn and a heavier one tonight to help me get through the night.
My back is aching a lot, just from being so hunched :( But on the upside I think my thighs and bum are toning up a little for the same reason!
Still not driving, I will ask tomorrow at my 2 week appointment when they clear me to drive, being stuck at home is getting tedious and the kids are bored as its the school holidays :( I have promised them a weekend out once I am better!
The red spot dare I say it looks a little better?!? Hope so!
Well I will do an update tomorrow with new pics! Hope everyone is healing well!


that is a low scar and you are lucky to have longer torso, mine is very short, cant wait to see updated pics I bet you are gonna look great
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Happy healing and ur looking really good I like the super low scar :) I feel like mind was lower and it looks higher now idk lol
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Glad ur healing well. No fun on the back pain, but hopefully soon u will be a bit straighter. Scar is nice and low so that is great :)!!
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Second post op appointment at 2 weeks.

Well firstly I have to say I'm still having a good day then a not so good day and it seems to work in that pattern.
I got my other compression garment yesterday without the zips and I couldn't even get it over my hips... I then proceeded to have a melt down as it was hopefully the relief I was looking for from these darn zips that keep pushing in at my sides. So now I am going to email them and see if I can send it back and get them to put a Velcro strip down the back so I can actually get it on.
The post op appointment went well, getting the rest of the tape off hurt a little bit but my scar looks pretty thin and flat. I will go back in 1 month for another check up. From now on I will do my own tape once a week to flatten the scar even more. When I change the tape next week I will put up a pic of the scar too.
Also not had much in the way of pain meds lately which is good!
I took these pics last night but was just too tired to sit at computer, still really swollen and my bb looks low but it is just because I am still so hunched over.
Oh one more thing... I have been the same size my WHOLE life, even with the skin I was a size 8. I cannot fit ANY of my clothes and it is really depressing. Please keep this in mind if you are coming up for surgery. You are likely to fit nothing afterwards for a while because of the swelling so try and have some lose fitting clothing on hand. Even my fat pants which are a 9 don't fit! Oh and I weighed myself this morning 51.9kg. I was 51 the morning of surgery and he took off 1kg of skin and fat so I'm up about 2kg over all :(


You look great!!
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Thanks ks1225 :)

18 days post op

Well I have to say it's nice to be able to poop normally again and on a regular cycle! I got my husband to help squeeze me into the other compression garment as the one I had on was just causing so much bruising over my hips and it hurt... It wasn't too bad as he pulled it and stretched it enough that it didn't pull on my skin as I put it on. I have to say the last few days have been better with it on. I had a shower last night, taking off the new CG and my bruising has gone down quite a bit and things are starting to look smoother. The swelling was really bad yesterday as the day before I was out all day and on my feet a lot, I can tell you now it hurt and was so tight.. I wont be doing that again any time soon!
I have got a cold now and not feeling great, school and kindy is back tomorrow so hopefully I will get a rest then.
I will take more photo's Wednesday when I am 3 weeks and hopefully get a pic of my scar too if I can get the tape off. There is one part of my scar that is hurting a bit so hopefully it looks okay under the tape!
I tried sleeping on the couch last night but it hurt quite a bit, so back in the recliner I go :(
On the plus side I'm not taking any pain killers at all, although I probably should have had one last night with how swollen and sore I was! Will update Wednesday :)
Hope everyone else is doing okay!


great news, sounds like you are doing well !
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Thanks Kathy is ready, i'm doing okay. Getting better day by day :)

My Scar!

Tape was falling off so I decided to replace it tonight instead of waiting till Wednesday. So this is my scar! It looks better in person than it does on camera and Is super low. I am so happy!
I am so swollen tonight as I had school and kindy go back today so I have been super busy. A bit tight and sore tonight from the swelling but other than that no complaints. The swelling is going down but is really bad at night still.


Wow loving your scar placement..looking fab girl !
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Me too! It looks high in the photo's but it's not. It goes right along the crease in my leg and is no higher than my normal underwear. He also must have tightened my leg skin up too as its all tight!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHH HAPPY!

Changed it to worth it!

Because I am that flippin happy so far! The skin on my legs has even been pulled up so I am super stoked about that!


Scar looks great. Wow he really pulled u tight. That's gonna make for a nice flat tummy!!!!!!
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Thanks, yes it is tight! I just hope I will actually be able to stand straight :/

3 weeks 2 days post op

Well I was supposed to update on Wednesday at 3 weeks but I have felt really crappy the last few days, I have ended up with a head cold :(
Any way, things are going okay, still swollen as anything but it is going down slowly. I do notice when I swell now that I have a few dimples... I think they are where the stitches are though so i'm not worried.
I have had a bit of pain the last few days but I think it's because school is back and i'm running around like normal again so I have just been trying to take it easier and having meds when I need them. I have noticed my right side swells more than my left so I will ask about that at my next appointment. Still sleeping in the recliner but I am hoping to try the bed again this weekend, im not sleeping well so I may resort to taking some of the sleeping pills they gave me as i'm getting tired and grumpy during the day :( Also at night I have been waking myself by stretching (at least 4-5x a night) Its been really weird, it's like my body just wants to stretch and I'm waking because i'm over stretching and it starts to hurt. I have also been having these weird shakes afterwards??? Any Ideas??
My leg is still numb to touch but feels bruised if you push on it. It's also giving me knife like stabbing pains every now and again when I walk... Stupid nerve pain!! It hurts... Well here are my pic's all be it 2 days late!


You look great! Do you spend time trying to stand up straight, slowly starting to stretch the new position of the muscles? I think once you ARE standing straight you are going to feel so much better and maybe then you'll start sleeping better too. I really didn't sleep through the night until about 6 weeks PO. I'm 11 weeks now and still quite swollen front center. It's temporary! We just have to be patient... that's the hard part. They should make a pill, don'tcha think? :)
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They really should! That would be kind of handy... I have noticed over the past few days I am straighter and I am sleeping in bed now so I think it is helping. I am actually dreaming again so must be going in to a bit of deep sleep even though I am still waking 5-6 times a night. Thanks for the comment :)

Pulled stitch?

So I have had this sharp pain in my side the last few days. It comes and goes but when it comes I am in tears. It is more swollen in that area and I do think I have pulled an internal stitch. It's not nice. I am resting today so hopefully it will help. I think just because I have been so busy this last week and getting in and out of the car and twisting lots I have just over done it :(
On a positive note, I am on my third night sleeping in bed! I am still waking up lots but I am sleeping better when I do sleep.
I am not on any pain meds and haven't been for a while, although have taken a few with the sharp pain I was experiencing.
I would say my energy is at about 75% and I am standing 85% upright which has improved a lot over the last few days.
Swelling is still here :( But is slowly getting better...
I will update photo's tomorrow when I am officially 4 weeks!


Girl You are so tiny! Wow!!! I now remember you were the one drawing on yourself... :) loved it.. Yes very swollen but now I can start a little activity with walking an some arm weights... It's so frustrating not fitting in anything but I am buying things I hope fit still after the swelling goes down. I never even thought about that with the hair tie :-) I was to huge when I was pregnant that I love the maternity pants!!!!! Lol in time we wi get there but until then we wait!!!
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Ahhhh hope that side feels better. Popped stitches suck ;)!!!
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That's normal I had that as well I stopped bending down . I think that what happens is we start feeling better and do more. maybe you aggravated something but slim chance of popping an already healing stitch. Rest and feel better
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4 week photo's

Sorry they are a little late but I have been sick the last few days. All of my photo's have been taken at night so you see the full extent of the swelling. I am definitely less swollen in the morning but my hubby isn't home to help take off my one piece compression garment. At the 5 week mark I will take morning and night photo's to show the difference. My back/love handles are still really swollen too as you can see in these photo's :(


That's good that you can start some exercise. I haven't exercised since having the last baby 3 1/2 years ago, but I feel like I should get back into it. Maybe tone up my flabby butt! I think the swelling has been the worst part of this whole thing as It just keeps going on, I cannot wait for the day to be back to normal and get to enjoy having no flabby skin!
Thanks MamaQ it's good for the most part but sometimes it feels like a knife in my side! I think I am just over doing it :(

Does massage help?

The last 2 nights I have started moisturising again and have done my belly and hips and I swear the following mornings I have been waking up smaller... Does massage help with swelling, circulation or healing? Or should I stop? Does anyone know if I am doing any harm?


Light massage is very good for the circulation/swelling.... Looking good...
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Thanks MamaQ!

Updated Price

I tally'd up the extra for the anaesthetist and hospital stay and the actual cost came out at $18490.00 I hope the swelling goes soon so I can enjoy the money I spent!


For real!!! Wow, hospital stays are expensive there.. Go away swell Hell ;))!!!!
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YES GO AWAY! It is getting better with the massage though. Yep NZ seems to be quite expensive comparatively, but i'm happy with how it's all gone so far. I appreciate all your comments MamaQ xx

5 week photo's

So after 5 weeks I am finally seeing an improvement in my swelling! Slowly but surely it is going down. I am not in any pain, the pain in my side seems to have gone. I am standing 90% upright and getting around a lot better. I am still tired though. I did take some pics of my scar on Monday night with my hubby's phone (camera was flat) which I was going to add tonight also but he dropped it today and busted the screen :( grrr. will have to wait till next tape change to get more scar photo's. It is looking better though.
I have an apt on Monday with nurse/surgeon (not sure) to see how it is all going. I will ask about my leg again as it is still numb and a bit stingy when I've been walking too much. I also want to ask about when I can start swimming and what I have to use to be able to do so. Anyone been given any advice on this??
Also I think I can feel stitches under my skin?!? How long do they take to dissolve???? They don't hurt but you can see the indentations and feel them when the swelling is down. Is this normal????
Hope everyone is doing well, its cool to see every one's progress :)
Oh also I've been a bit of a fatty lately and put on a bit of weight :( Not long till bikini weather so I need to give myself a kick up the bum! I might start adding my weight each week to give me a bit of motivation :/


Let me know what u find out about swimming!
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I can feel stitches too. I asked about swimming and was told no, but not given any timeline on it. And I promise you I've gained some fat! Ugh I mistakenly wiggled my butt in the mirror last night on the way to the shower. Lots of flab! Yeesh!
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You loo wonderful! such a tiny waist :)
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Morning Photo's 5 weeks 2 days

Just thought I would try and get some photo's in the morning to show the difference in swelling and I surprised myself! It looks so much better in the mornings! I don't usually take my compression garment off till night so I never knew how much better it looked!


I had same issues with sleeping and stretching! Thanks for sharing your story its nice to see your progression! You look great!
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I am still having those issues! It seems like my mind and body have two different ideas of what it is capable of doing. Thanks for the comments :)

6 wek post op appt with surgeon

So I had my 6 week post op apt today (even though I'm not 6 weeks till Wednesday) and the following things came up:
I am allowed to do gentle exercise and I am allowed to swim. I just have to keep the paper tape on while swimming. He said the skin is healed so it shouldn't cause any issues.
I am to tape mon-friday and have no tape on the weekends but to massage in bio-oil 3x a day on the 2 days with no tape.
My leg is still a bit numb and he said that it's just a nerve thing from the injection and It will go away in time.
I still have a bit of swelling and will go down over the next couple of months.
The dissolvable stitches will still take another 6 weeks or so to dissolve completely.
Other than that I am happy with how it's all looking and I will post scar pic's tonight as I have no tape on at the mo as he said I have to wash the skin thoroughly tonight before applying more tape.
Oh and I go back the week before Christmas for my next follow up apt so 6 weeks away :)

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6 Weeks, and scar photo's

Well 6 weeks has gone pretty fast now looking back. I still get tired more easily than before and I'm still not sleeping great, although I have been sleeping more towards my sides instead of flat on my back lately which has been good. It still hurts a bit as my incision goes all the way round to my back. But other than that I'm doing pretty well and slowly getting back to normal. These are scar pic's after 1 application of bio oil, I think they look darker now? But I know that scars do get darker before they get lighter. I noticed one side of my incision is thicker than the other but I have put that down to the thinner side is the side my leg is sore so I put most of my weight on the other side for the first few weeks, so I'm thinking that it stretched that side more, hence the thicker scar...? I'm theorising here...
I hope everyone is doing well and I will update next week!


Looking great! 
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Thanks! I'll pop over and have a look at your review :)

7 Weeks!

Well I thought by the time I got to 7 weeks I would have no swelling and be 100%. I'm not... Swelling still here, still slightly hunched and still not sleeping great. On a positive note the scar has faded heaps over the last week and I am improving every week. I have a small red spot in the middle of my scar down the bottom and it is really stingy and it gets really sore every now and then. I have put a pic up. I don't know what it is but if it is still this sore next week I will ring the surgeon. My hubby thinks it could be an un-dissolved stitch as it is a bit hard too. I am not wrapped with my belly button but I am hoping as the rest of the swelling goes it will sink in more and the scar will then become the outside edge of my bb instead of being a ring around it.
Well that's about all for this week, hope everyone is healing well!

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I said I would update my weight each week so here goes... Hopefully it will give me a bit of motivation.
At 7 weeks this morning I was 50.8kg
In feb this year I was 56.2kg and got down to 50.6kg pre surgery. On the day of surgery I was exactly 51kg and they removed 1kg total of fat and skin so I am hoping to get down to 49.5kg with 50kg being my top weight.
Hopefully I can get there before Christmas as I really want to enjoy the warm summer which is nearly here!


Awesome results!! And your scar is so low!! Enjoy the new bod!!!
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You look great! The scar is coming along nicely!
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Thanks hun, it seems to get better every week and I look forward to taking my tape off so I can see how much it has changed!

8 weeks and almost normal again!!

So I am now 8 weeks! Seems kind of surreal... Things are going pretty well! Tummy is getting flatter every week and the swelling is going down; although there is still quite a bit of swelling. The bio oil seems to be doing good and the 2 days oiling 3x a day and then 5 days of tape seems to be helping the scar heal nicely. Sleeping still isn't great but i'm getting there. I would say my energy is back to about 95% which is nice and I am almost straight. I'm not pushing it as I am still swollen and I know once that goes away it will be fine.
Weight this morning was 50.3kg which I was happy about but have eaten like a horse today so wont weigh myself for a few days...
The hard spot on the bottom of my incision went away and is no longer sore and I think as the swelling keeps going down my bb is sinking in further which is good as I didn't really like the "ring" look.
I will update again at 10 weeks. Hope everyone is doing well xx


U look totally amazing!!! Your so tiny :-)
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Thanks New36gal! Your results are awesome too!

10 WEEKS!!

Well the last 10 weeks has gone by pretty quickly. You tend to get back into normal life and it's like you never had surgery (for the most part) I am still cautious of being knocked or jumped on but other than that things are pretty normal now. I still swell towards the end of the day and sleeping is still a little uncomfortable but it IS getting better week by week. I am still in my CG and taping 5 days oiling 3x a day for 2 days and it seems to be working well, my scar is lighter every week.

When did everyone else stop wearing a CG and stopped taping up the scar??

I have a surgeon apt on the 17th Dec which would have been my mums birthday so I can't imagine it's going to be a very good day :( But I will update after the apt and answer all the questions I have in my head for all those people that are behind me :)

I am not 100% thrilled with my belly button. It kind of looks weird. I know there is still a bit of swelling to go down but I don't think it is going to sink in like I hoped :( any advice??? I really don't like the "stamped on look" did anyone else have this? Did it get better once the swelling had gone?
Any infor would be greatly appreciated!
Oh and I was 50.3kg this morning. I need to be eating better!
Hope everyone is doing well xx


You look great! I'm 10 weeks and I tried to ditch the cg a few says after a work out. I feel so much better in it. I think Ive sewn others wean out of it about 12 weeks .
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Your scar looks great! Mine is still pretty red. I'm using bio oil too & I use biocorneum. Still wearing spanx most of the time. It just feels better to me. I'm not sure on my BB either.. Time will tell. But I think revision on the bb is pretty common & fairly easy.
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Forgot to add..

Forgot to say before that my energy is pretty much normal again and I am 99% straight!


You look great! Your scar is super light! That's awesome :)
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you look great, love the longer torso you have, im very short waisted,you look great in that bikini, that should go away around your belly button, have you tired silicone strips, pricey but seem to help with scars, but I think it will fad on its own, again you look great
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Looking fabulous!! I would definitely try putting something in BB if u want a bit deeper rounder shape. Your scar looks great!!!!
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12 WEEKS!!!

So I'm at the 12 week mark! I had my surgeon appointment on Wednesday and there were a few things that came out of that.
*Scar will have to be either taped or have sunscreen on it if I am in the sun. NO sunbathing this summer :(
*Still oiling scar as often as I can with bio-oil but I am just using macadamia oil at the mo.
*My leg is still numb :( he has no idea why and Is going to review my notes and check me again in 3 months. I think it was from the injection I had in my leg as it is just the area around that and if it was nerve there wouldn't be sensation at the top of my leg. (he had to prick me with a needle like 30 times! I nearly passed out :(
*I have one stitch that hasn't dissolved that I can feel and if it is still there at my next apt he will put a local in and cut it out :(

Other than that I am pretty much back to normal. I still have a bit of swelling below my bb but it is going down. I cannot stretch out like I used to and I tried swimming the other day and just pulled everything and it hurt. I think I just need to give it more time for the swelling to go and my skin to soften.
My scar is looking better each week and I am going to get a spray tan this week so no one is blinded by my whiteness.
Off on a break with my hubby in January which I am excited about and I am going to get to wear a bikini! Heading to Australia and the great barrier reef to do a bit of snorkelling and diving! Excited!
I will update in 6 weeks when I am home from our trip and hopefully have some holiday pics!
Oh and my weight was 50.3kg still trying to get down to 49.9!!


Aww you look so awesome :D so happy for you xxxx :D
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Dr Martin Rees

I am so thrilled I picked Martin. Could not have asked for better results and his staff were lovely (except for 1 nurse) but the rest were amazing!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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