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24 and 2years into Metal Braces - Auckland, New Zealand

I decided when I was 22 to go ahead with metal...

I decided when I was 22 to go ahead with metal braces. I had what you would call a party mouth and I never smiled with my teeth. I've had crooked teeth all my life and my parents couldn't afford to do it for me. My dentist said he would have it done in a year and a half but it's taking about a year longer but that's fine coz I'm nearly done. People don't treat me differently and I was even single when I got them and met my current bf with them on so he's never seen me without them. It's been a crazy ride and I can't wait to get them off. The before pics and current pics are crazy. If you have any questions don't heists at to ask

New pics

Dr. Ravin Chandar

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Thanks for sharing your experience!  A lot of people join for other things and never even know we have dental topics :D.  Your results have been stellar so far!  Did you have to get any teeth extracted?
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Yea I'm pretty stoked with it but still a little way to go. I had to get 2 teeth extracted because my mouth was way to overcrowded and I haven't got my wisdom teeth out yet either!
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Ugh!  Wisdom teeth :(.  I have 4 impacted, once straight-up sideways, that need to be removed.  I've been dragging my feet on it for years! :D
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Oh no! Yeah it's taking ages for my gaps to close up so I don't know how much of a good idea to remove them. He didn't remove the canine teeth though just the two next to them and pulled the canine teeth down. I don't know if I would reommend pulling teeth out even if they are sideways. My canine teeth were pretty bad but they have come down now!
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Unfortunately, I can't clean some of them properly because of where they are, so there's a risk they'll get cavities and take the ones touching them with them.  *sigh*.  I'm just so afraid.
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