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I was so scared I would be in pain after my tummy...

I was so scared I would be in pain after my tummy tuck and it was very easy for me. I put together a package of items to help heal faster.

  • Gatorade with fiber 4 times a day
  • Protein shakes at least 2 with 40 grams of protein
  • Stool Softner
  • Airborn or another good source of vitamins 3 times daily

I had the procedure done on a Thursday and started taking ibuprofen Saturday. Was cleaning the house by the following Thursday... My scar looks great and had no infections went very smooth!

Dr. Tseng

He cares about you and his work its not about the money. He is amazing.

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Hi wanted to know how much the procedure cost? I live in Lynnwood and am thinking of going to Florida but don't know if its worth the travel thank you
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WOW impressive!  I am totally happy for you that everything went so smoothly.  Good for you:)

Keep us up to date.


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