9 Week and Still Recovering

I am happy that I got my tummy tuck but it is...

I am happy that I got my tummy tuck but it is still uncompfortable at times especially when I exercise. My doctor says I will need a little more lipo in the future.

Who was your Dr?
Congrats! Hope you are healing well and feeling great! What lipo area was he referring to? Would like to see photos if you can post them.
Dear Teammiller, I too, had a tummy tuck on April 15,2010. It will be 9 weeks for me on June 22. I feel WONDERFUL! I still have swelling, especially at night, and when the swelling starts, it makes me feel very tight, and I do hate that part of this whole process of healing. However, I found this great product at my neighborhood Health Food Store, and I just started taking it, and it's a tremendous help with the swelling!! It's by NEW CHAPTER and it's called ZYFLAMEND. It's a softgel that you take twice a day. I tell you very honestly, IT HELPS, and this is why I feel so WONDERFUL! Anyone reading this that has had a tummy tuck, or is going to have one, should try this product, and you will see and feel what I mean. It works for me!! HAPPY HEALING EVERYONE!!!
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