35, No Kids, Asymmetry and Stretch Marks Since Puberty - Auburn, AL

Ive wanted to raven out my boobs and somehow get...

Ive wanted to raven out my boobs and somehow get rid of the stretch marks since I was a teenager. Eventually I came to terms with the fact that I will never get the stretch makes to go away. But the asymmetry was always embarrassing bc one nipple when hard was always lower :( I started reading about surgery 10 years ago. About 5 I started really asking questions to those who have had it done. About three years ago I started going to consultations all over the country as I traveled. Some dr's said I'd need a lift. Others said I'm borderline and a few said a lift wasn't needed bc an implant alone will give a slight lift. I wanted a very natural look. So with the new silicone shaped implants I was pretty excited I waited. I found my dr in the most unexpected place. I've been to dr's in Seattle (where braden Striddee was my top choose!!) and CA and some in Boston and a couple in Atlanta. Every time I met with someone I learned something new. So, shop around and don't feel bad telling a dr you don't like a look of someone I their own look book!!! They will explain what a patients goal is. What I decided was that even though a Dr can do what you ask, it's best to go with one who's creative eye is the same as yours :) and I found my dr in Auburn, AL!! Seing I now live in GA it was great he's only an hour away.

I met him for the consultation and his nurse Linda and office manager Beth were both so kind an patient!! Dr. Aquadro couldn't have been any sweeter. He really took the time to hear me ramble on about likes and dislikes. He showed me in digital images what each different type of implant would look like (pretty cool!! I'll add a screen shot here but it's way cooler on the computer where you can rotate it all around).
I booked right away, had the mandatory mammogram, and then was all ready for surgery. Went with R-320cc and L-370cc (bc of one being naturally bigger). dr aquadro was nice enough to order one size down too bc I was scared of being too big bc I'm pretty active. But the 270 wasn't big enough to fill the skin so he ended up doing 320/370. I let him make the decision in surgery.

Surgery day:
I SO wish I booked early morning!! If you have a hard time not eating book early!! Everyone at Eastern Alabama Medical Center was so kind and really make me feel safe :) I was knocked out so quick and next think I knew I was waking up :) the pain was more like intense soreness in my upper peck muscles then pain. I'm pretty sure Dr Aquadro came and talked to me but honestly I don't remember lol!! The nausea sucked but the nurse have me pain meds and apple juice and that went away in about 90 mins to an hour. Once home and laying down still, no pain. Only pain is when you move around. Honestly, expect the worst and trust me it's not that bad and there are ways to minimize it like not moving ;)

It's been 26 hours since my surgery. Boobs are very stiff and high. But from all I've read they will soften and drop. I took a peace today bc Linda, Dr Aquadro's nurse called to check up on me asked me to send a pic since I couldn't get a ride to the post op today.
I loved reading your review with all the helpful tips about shopping around for the best doctor along with asking a ton of questions. Great advice! Your pictures are so early in the healing process and you already look fantastic. It will take some time for your boobs to settle in. Some women find it helpful to take pictures often so they can see the progress that way. Feel free to join a group of other women who also just got BAs this July, 2014!

Post Op. 48 hours after surgery

Ok first off, I'm totally laughing at all the spelling and grammar errors in y days post lol!!! The meds are a pretty nice cocktail that's for sure ;)

Last night I tried to cut my pain meds in half and hopefully not take it this morn with the goal of driving to post op myself. Ummmm, totally stupid!! I took pain meds the moment I woke and called a friend to take me. Dr says all looks good, he assured me they will settle so that bump up top will no longer be there in a month. He asked me not to massage bc I have textured shaped implants and although it'll say to massage right away I need my skin to bind to the implant so it doesn't rotate.

The soreness is still present, no doubt! But I'm getting used to it so it's not so bad. I took a shower and the warm water really felt great relaxing the chest muscles :)

That's it for now, I'll update in a couple weeks when I get stitches out :)
WOW. you look great. Congrats! what kind of implants did you get and what size? you must be happy with results.....
I'm super happy!! :) My implants are sientra textured shaped implants. My left side was the smaller boob and got 370cc. Right side 320cc. Both under the muscle.

Swapped pain meds for Advil

Last night I took the muscle relaxer and 4 Advil. When I woke this morn I was more sore than usual but grabbed an ice back and took 4 Advil. It's feeling better. I'll take a muscle relaxer again in a bit. Trying to space them longer so I don't run out. Also just went to the bathroom for the first time this morn but just a little. My tummy looks pregnant :/ totally backed up so Gotta just keep drinking that smooth move tea!! :/

Omg Dr.Aquadro n Staff just sent me flowers!!

I'm so touched!!! I don't know many people here in GA bc I'm new here and finding a ride to n from surgery was hard. Flowers just were delivered from Dr. Aquadro and his staff!! Kinda feel like crying. So sweet :)
Congratulations Gillian, you look fabulous. The flowers were a very nice gesture from your PS. I'm a Georgia girl myself, born and raised, south, coastal.

Day 5

I know I should keep that bra and strap on but after my shower I had to see what the girls look like in a bra I've had :)
Lookin good! I think they are too big but I'm trying not to think about it. They are still very stiff and high. The boob that was smaller and got the larger implant sits higher than the other but again, I try not to think about it untill a good amount of time has passed :) belly still feeling bloated but it doesn't hurt anymore! I started taking stuff that helps when you can go. That helped my tummy a TON!!
You look great :) - I honestly don't think they look too big on you. They seem to fit your body very well.

Deleted last pic... Oops

Looking really good lady, really good.
You look great !!!
They look terrific on your figure! How are you feeling?

Can't wait for my boobs to drop!!

Still pretty swollen up top but the sides and under are already softening slightly!!
Gotta say my butt now seems smaller!! Lol!!! I'm going to have to really get into a butt workout mode.

For those of you who have stretch marks prior to surgery, I want to comment on that. Of course they won't go away. But I feel they are far less noticeable with the skin tighter! With a spray tan I bet they will fade well :)
Hi G, I totally relate to you on the butt feeling smaller now that the bobbies are bigger LOL. Was thinking this morning how I cannot wait to start with squats and leg presses!

Recovery so far

Knock on wood for what I'm about to write!
*note I'm reluctant to write this bc I think those of you about to have surgery should expect worse case!!
Recovery for me has been really easy. I've been able to sleep through every night totally fine. Only one morn(think morning 3) was way more sore bc I tried no pain meds the night before. But then took them that morning and Advil for another week before bed and morning n mid day. I did get some Valium and took that at night for the first week :) 2nd week have taken anything so far. The last week I keep waking up with my arms above my head. I'm not sure that's good for me :/ but I do it when I'm sleeping and it doesn't hurt. Sleeping in my back with my arms up is normal sleeping pattern for me. I felt totally fine going to a short day of work on day 4. My mental health has been pretty good beyond starting my period two days ago and the normal blues I get at that time. The skin seems to already be softening a bit so swelling must be down :) I really don't want anyone to know I got them done so I try to hide them. Hard to do in the GA summer :/ In a padded bra (I was 32c) I'm just a bit bigger(looking in clothes) in the post surgery bra I wear. So no one has noticed yet :) but I wear nothing low cut or too form fitting. I am feeling very antsy bc I want to just go run or something active!!! I find myself doing squats or slow ab work avoiding ALL upper body. I have my 2week(+2days) post op on Thursday :) craving a spray tan lol!! I wanna see these girls all sexy n squishy... Buuuuuut I need to just wait. I know it takes time :)
Hi G, you look amazing!!! Great progress and very natural!
Thanks! :)

Before n after same top

Love your results! (Crossing my fingers I have a similar recovery)
I think recovery has to do with a few things. I spoke to my PS about it last week. If you have been an active person in your life and know what it feels like to be sore after a hard workout, then the recovery will be easier bc it's a familiar sorness and not pain. Those who are not familiar with thus sorness will call it pain and keep taking the meds. I was a rock climber for years and am quite familiar with overworked muscle sorness ;) The other part is your mind. If you know what to expect you won't freak out at every little thing. Keep reading people's experiences!!! and of course stay calm; your dr is just a phone call away :)
Great advice! I do a lot of crossfire/weight training and don't shy away from pain so hopefully that will help. And there is definitely something to say for mental toughness and being prepared. Thanks!

About a month

By boobs are definitely getting softer. Well the skin that I already had seems to be back to normal. You can see the bigger boob before has a bigger and lower nipple, as expected without a lift. I'm still very happy with the results. I don't think ill ever be able to push my boobs together lol! But we'll see :) I think I get to start working out soon. I can't wait! I feel like a lazy bum but with firm boobies ;)
Wow yours look great! Thanks for the info about stretch marks, I've been looking for stuff like that!
Oh wow! Perfect hour glass shape - SOOOO sexy! About the working out, don't worry, my body barely changed in the last month, it hit me by surprise :) you can always get back into working out! Boobies look great BTW.

Perfectly flawed

I have to say that I am very happy with my new boobies with no regrets! My PS absolutely let me know that without a lift on the bigger breast they would remain uneven and there would be more skin/tissue on that boob. Now that the swelling is gone and they have relaxed I can totally see the difference naked. BUT it's no worse then before AND they are firmer and full just like I wanted :)
I decided on no lift because I am single and did not want obvious scars. In clothes they are the same volume so I can't tell a difference at all!! I am LOVING wearing wireless bras with no padding (I never realized how uncomfortable bras were that gave me the fullness I wanted were until now!!)
The scars are pretty dark. I need to find a way to fade them.
I can feel the bottom of the implant on the underside near the scars when I lean forward. Can anyone else? Ok, that's it for now. I'm trying to stay away from this site bc I was addicted to it for months prior to BA and the month following lol! But I'll keep posting :)

Added pix re unevenness

I really think the zoomed in shots really over exaggerate BUT I wanted to show these before and afters so any of you who are uneven to begin with and choose not to get a lift have realistic expectations! Like I posted before, I'm totally happy with my results bc I wasn't expecting perfection ;)
LOVE the results. They look super natural and amazing.
Hey love! You're def the closest to my scenario that I have come across. How much did you weigh going into the opp?
I think it's unrealistic to expect our girls to be a perfect match. Actually a little difference makes them look more natural. And by the way, yours look amazing! They compliment your figure perfectly.
Auburn Plastic Surgeon

He and his staff are all very sweet, very welcoming and take their time to listen to you!! I was impressed from the first moment :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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