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I chose Dr. Howard after doing research on the...

I chose Dr. Howard after doing research on the internet. I met w/ him and his staff and felt confident he would be capable of achieving my goals. We discussed said goals in length and I was assured he has done 10,000 boob jobs and he is double board certified! Whatever that means. We discussed my situation and the fact it was not uncommon. He did all his measuring from all angles, we chose the appropriate size and everything seemed completely normal to me. 7 months later, I am left with my original problem only it's bigger! I now have to live with one side hard as a rock and like a tumor in my chest. The "fact" he left out in his proposal to me was that I needed a "tissue expander"..Without this step being done, there was absolutely no sense in doing the breast augmentation. My hard earned money that I've been saving for over a year completely went down the drain..Now in order to fix my problem I need another $10k (I have no ins) and I would be inconvenienced for another 3 to 4months.
What bothers me even more is the fact his staff and himself saw me at the 3 month post op date and was utterly astonished, baffled at the results. They even went so far as to tell me they would do anything I wanted them to...So I pondered this for about a month and 1/2 hoping time would correct it, and now they totally deny their mistake..Thanks alot Mr. Brian Howard...I will not address you as a double board certified plastic surgeon you claim to be..


oh dear, I am so sorry to hear that. I had the same experience with him for a different type of surgery, now it will cost me away too much to fix the mess he made. I feel your pain. I read "FAKED" review online , and that's how I picked him. the biggest mistake of my life. can you believe when I tell you that I avoid looking at myself in the mirror :(.. that's how bad it is. he destroyed my self-esteem .
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Oh, this must be so frustrating for you! I am sorry. Is the hardening of the implant due to scar tissue or was did it become hard right away? How did you discover that a tissue expander was the step left out? I have heard of expanders for reconstruction, but not often for a breast aug. Sounds like maybe the wrong profile or size was placed incorrectly? Have you already gotten a second opinion? Maybe there is some way you can work a deal with your PS...if you really would want him to do the revision? We'll keep our fingers crossed for you. Keep us posted!

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            sorry your disappointed with your results! ive been there many  times! it sucks when your ps wont do anything to help you: it sounds like you may have cc in one off your breast: unfortunately the only way to correct it is with another surgery; you could try massage it: it may help! 
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