Tummy Tuck and Upper Abdomen Laxity

I had a fully tummy tuck and liposuction about 10...

I had a fully tummy tuck and liposuction about 10 months ago. Whilst my tummy was very flat during the first two days, I went through all the swelling and I think I healed well, minus the ugly scar, which is to be expected.. I now have this bulging upper abdomen and it appears that I have upper abdomen laxity. The lower part of my abdomen is more flat compared to the upper part (i.e. after my belly button and up to wards my breast).

What do I do to get the flat tummy I desire? Do I need to have another reconstructive fully TT. Any other alternatives other than a full TT? Your guidance would be really appreciated.


I have this same exact problem... sent pics to my surgeon and he said I needed lipo which I did and that didn't really help. Now am scheduled for a full TT with back lipo (different surgeon) hopefully this will help. Not sure if you can find it but did post similiar question (with a pic)just last week. Hopefully we both find what we are looking for!
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Try some crunches.
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