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Abdominoplasty Scar is Low and I Look Amazing

I truly must say I thought I was going to be in...

I truly must say I thought I was going to be in more pain then I was. I experience discomfort at times but nothing to serious.Pain meds will make you constipated so that was a major problem.Also I have to walk bent over and my back is killing me..After my drains were taking out I felt so much better.

My body look amazing and I have the coke bottle shape. I am very pleased.My scar is very low and n due time I will have it covered with a tatoo.

yes i have lipo as well...i will be posting pics soon....lipo is basically to get rid of belly fat...while tummy tuck tighten stretched out loose skin...i hope this help you in your decision...
I am three weeks post op and plan to put up pictures in another two months.i am very please so far with my results.I definitely suggest she go to him for a consultation.I had a consultation last year and after going to three other doctors felt he would be the best one.The staff there are professional and very nice.I felt comfortable and trusted his expertise.I had never had surgery before and was scared but everything went well.
Did you also have lipo done? I dont know if Im a candidate for lipo or mini-tummy tuck but hate belly and muffin top.going to start deciding on who to consult with.I live here in Buford so your dr would be close.I am a flight attendant so basically I can go anywhere but that just makes it more confusing.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

He is a great doctor and give me the exact results I wanted. He is skilled in his profession and an excellent doctor.

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