Love Handles Gone with Smartlipo! - Atlanta

I had the typical "love handles" that I...

I had the typical "love handles" that I could not get rid of by working out several times a week and eating right. I had read about smartlipo and had some hestitation with the procedure but after research and a consultation, I felt assured that they could be reduced to minimal. The smart lipo consultant before the procedure was extremely thorough and when I had the procedure, I was prepared and nothing was a surprise. The doctor and staff was extremely nice, confident and knowledgable and the procedure went very well. I'll have you know, it was been 8 months since my procedure and my love handles are officially gone. I would highly recommend this procedure.

Hi Decatur -- Thanks for sharing your story. Did you get to meet the doctor before the surgery?

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hiii Sharon,
I have the same question please let me know if you get an answer! I did consultation but I've been told I won't see the doctor till surgery day!
Blue MedSpa

Extremely knowledgable and confident. Results say everything!

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