Second Round, 3 Years Later - Atlanta, GA

I had sculptra 3 years ago for nasolabial folds...

I had sculptra 3 years ago for nasolabial folds and was 100% happy. It took 2 sessions, spaced 6 weeks apart.
Today, after abstaining from ibuprofen, fish oil etc for 2 weeks, I had one vial injected to reduce marionette lines and at the cheeks and sides of eyes to give me a lift.

The areas are sore, but not bruised, initial injection hurt but the numbing liquid which is in the sculptra injection itself helped a lot. I will faithfully do the massage and ice as recommended. Reviews here seem to be all over the page, I would say you have to go to a board certified derm that does a lot of filler injections routinely. Mine does. Her practice is probably 80% that. I want a gradual improvement in my face, and am not interested in being injected every 6 mos. As is the case with many other fillers.

I will update in 2 months with results and need for second go round, if needed.

Hi Fifty,

This is a really great review that provides a ton of great experience advice for the community. Especially the part about numbing and fish oil. We'd love to see pictures. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review, have a happy week!


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