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I went in with a straight nose with a bulbous tip...

I went in with a straight nose with a bulbous tip that I wanted sculpted. I left with a crooked bridge, a new lump that I never had, and severely twisted tip. I have spent five years trying to find a revision specialist. It will cost me thousands of dollars to have it fixed. I also had my eyes done, which left unexpected scarring in the corner of one, and crows feet that never existed prior.

If you want to have a Rhinoplasty, please find a surgeon who is an ear, nose and throat plastic surgeon. Don't think the doctor who will be doing your boob job can also do your eyes and nose. The money below includes what my revision surgery will cost.

Hi, My daughter had a bulbous tumor removed 5 years ago and need the tip reshaped. How can I get recommendations? We're in NC

Rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult procedures to do and, as you mentioned, it does behoove one to find a surgeon who specializes in it. Revision rhinoplasty is even more specialized. Please keep us posted as to who you choose and how you're doing.

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