Lipo Got Rid of Love Handles but Left Hard Knots

Very nice frame after lipo... It got rid of the...

Very nice frame after lipo... It got rid of the love handles but the healing process was difficult..I had hard knots in the areas that I had lipo...These knots hurt and are very annoying..


Hi all,
Have these hard knots gone away? What kind of liposuction did you have. There are so many now! Pure, Smart, Aqua, etc.
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Hi, I got hard knots too. My surgery was done 41 days ago. Can you please tell if your hard knots went away?? I'm hoping mine will within another month since I'm approaching the 2 month mark. A reply would be appreciated. Thanks.
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When did you get it done? How long did it take for the knots and the pain to go away? Still think it's not worth it? What the name of your doctor?
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Name not provided

my doctor did a very good job in giving me a coke bottle shape.

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