Not Quick, Not Easy Facelift - Atlanta, GA

I just had lost my husband of 29 years about 5...

I just had lost my husband of 29 years about 5 months before. since we had little insurance, I knew that I would continue to work. I wanted stay young looking as long as possible.

lf you don't buy into back to work in a week or less, prepare to pay more than you anticipated and prepare to deal with visible scars a year later, then you are prepared my friend for the LifeLift.

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Dear Ruby c,
I'm so sorry for the horrid thing they did to you. You do know about the investigation going on don't you? File a complaint with your Attorney Generals office and Copy to FL Atorney Generals office. Let all of our protection agengy's including the American Medical Association. God Bless you and I hope some compensation will be coming your way.

Best Regards,
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I am scheduled for a Lifestyle Lift in Schaumburg, IL soon. Can anyone comment on the facilities, doctors and their experiences. After reading a lot of comments, I am very afraid to go forward. Thanks for your help.
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Hi Ruby,

Thanks for sharing your story with the RealSelf community. I'm sorry to hear about your scarring issues. :( Are you using any scar strips or creams?

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Mederma, etc. are not effective w/ the huge scars of this. Most ppl had to have lazer treatments to minmize them.Even then, it's pot luck. Too bad another bad result, but I am happy to see the few new posts of happy campers..
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