Looked Like the Grinch That Got Hit by a Bus for About 2 Weeks. Now, I Look 15 Years Younger.

LifeStyle advertisements should be more honest...

LifeStyle advertisements should be more honest about the time to heal. I had to go back to work with terrible bruising and swelling. I looked like the grinch after being hit by a bus. Even the inside of my mouth was bruised. It took almost 3 weeks before I started to look better and was able to remove all of the sutures.

Three months later, I am very happy with the results. I am 59, my son is a 27. I met some women where he works who told my son that I look too young to be his mother. One person said a new hairdo made me look younger as if I had had a face lift. Also, some acquantances want to have the lift.

I am not pleased, however, with the scaring on my eyelids, but this is steadily improving. I am experiencing numbness around my ears and under my chin. I figure that numbness is better than pain. This too, seems to be improving with time. I slept through most of the procedure and only felt minimial discomfort with the needles. At one point could hear the skin being cut, but since I am a nurse, it didn't bother me. I must have been asleep during the liposuction because I was not aware of it.

If you choose to have the procedure, make sure of the credentials, and follow instructions. Keep the ace bandage on as long as instructed. This is serious surgery. The surgeon that did my lift is a boardd-cerified plastic surgeon.

Thank you for sharing you story and pictures. Also for the name of your Doctor. Am considering the proceedure and needee to know the facts about the pain and recovery time. What a help you've been!
Did your Doc recommend that you use Arnica Montana for the bruising and swelling? My doc, Dr. Lee in Santa Ana, CA did and I had very little bruising or swelling. It is amazing stuff...for me. But you look marvelous now!...and so do I!
Very nice result. Your first paragraph is very salient and very true.
Dr. Kim

He has the credentials, talked with me, and did a good job.

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