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Latisse Maintenance Rules - Atlanta, GA

I am approaching the 16-week maintenance phase of...

I am approaching the 16-week maintenance phase of Latisse. I am fairly happy with the results, but not as thrilled as some of the reviews.

My eyelashes got longer, but they are spiky long and not thick, and the eyelashes are not full, just individual and spiky. It did, however, make my eyebrows much darker. I am wondering if using the product daily past 16 wks would bring further progress.

However, my biggest question to you all is how to maintain what I've got, with the least frequency of applying the product. Can I go to twice a week now, or does it have to be 3 times a week or every other day or what? Have any of you reached the maintenance level and can share you application regime? I sure would appreciate it.


In May this year, I bought Enormous Lash for about £45 + P&P, and it ran out pretty quick, so I looked for the active ingredient and found Lumigan, which is what glaucoma sufferers treat their eyes with.It cost about £18. I'm thrilled with the improvement in my eyelashes - twice the length I've EVER had, but like Octobergirl, a bit disappointed that haven't really gained any thickness of lashes.I shall carry on using it though, the rest of my life probably, and maybe they'll thicken. I have also noted the darkening of my skin under my eyes though, so I will try to apply it more accurately in future, and also notice a very thin white line on my top eyelid close to the lashline - but heck - I'm gonna wear makeup there so who cares! Love it love it love it!!!
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After 4 months of Latisse, my lashes are still skimpy but are definitely longer. My brows are darker and fuller. My main concern is that my lashes fall out easily and sometimes have spaces where there are none. Then they will start growing back in again. Should I switch to Revitalash to see if it is better?
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I've been using Latisse for over a year now. My doctor said I could do it once a week but I noticed they weren't as long. Now I do every other night. I put 2 drops in the lid and I use a skinny eye liner brush from Target not the thick one that comes with the product. I dip once and apply to one lash line and then I dip again and do the other eye. I use whatevers left in the cap on my eyebrows. They're all full and bushy now! HUGE TIP: Once the bottle feels empty, pry the top off. There will be a few more days of product in there! They don't tell you that. Since you're still a newbie, try every other night for a month or so and then do twice a week. Mine got long after 8 weeks but they didn't get full for several months. Hang in there. This stuff is the best ever. I almost don't even want to tell people!
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He was very knowledgeable and informed me of the pros and cons of the treatment.

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