Latisse is Amazing but Beware of Side Effects - Atlanta, GA

I got Latisse through my doctor about two months...

I got Latisse through my doctor about two months ago. My lashes are so long, I fear at some point I'm going to have to cut them. Believe me, it's a problem I like having. They're not as full as my former synthetic ones, but Latisse is much more cost effective.

I thought about trying to get an RX through Canada, but I'm really glad I saw a doctor's esthetician. She said that dark-eyed people can suffer from iris discoloration. I have blue eyes, i.e., no pigment, so I haven't had that problem. The one thing

I don't like, but can live with - the whites of my eyes look very yellow, almost jaundiced. Eye drops takes it away when I remember to use them.

'Hope this helps if you're thinking about Latisse. I really do enjoy it.

I've been using Latisse over 2 years now and I haven't had any problems with yellowing of the white part of my eyes or darkening of my eyelids. Of course I'm browned eye. I notice that my eyelashes are longer, but not thicker. Nothing a bit of mascara can't take care of though.
It works, just ask my wife. She loves this product, after 2 months she has 50% longer lashes. Cost to me $82 to $88, I sell for $125. No mark up just trying to break even. From MIAMI Dr. B
I get Latisse from kp at $107.00. If it only costs you $82 to $88, how are you breaking even? It would seem that you're doing all right if your getting over $37 per bottle. Does your $88 not include tax and shipping and handling?
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