Itchiness, Redness, Swelling After First Few Days of Latisse Use - Atlanta,GA

I have started experiencing redness, itchiness and...

I have started experiencing redness, itchiness and swelling of the eyelids after 3-4 days of using Latisse. Does this sort of thing happen to anyone else? Do you think that it will stop on its own?

Updated on Oct 30, 2009
After the maintenance phase is reached, how often do you have to apply Latisse? I've read everything from once a week to 2 or 3 times a week to every other day. Has anyone successfully stretched it out to, say, twice a week?Will this go away with continued use? Have any of you experienced this and have toughed it out? -- Updated on Sep 6, 2009: How long will it take to see any results? It's been 6 weeks with no change. Signed, Discouraged but still hopeful


I had the same experience but it went away rather quickly. I think the skin of the eyelid just had to get used to the chemical we put on it. Even now, right after I apply it, using a very thin eyeliner brush, which another user recommended to me, my eyelid becomes "taut" to the feel and a little itchy. The feeling dissappears after a few minutes. I just started using Latisse in Sept 24. My doc told me to apply it and forget about it. I started to notice the changes after mid Oct. My eyelashes have started getting longer and they are curling up without my using a curler just when I use mascara. I did not bother using mascara before because my eyelashes are so short I always end up with smears on my lids so I only use mascara when I need to like for parties. I even had my eyeliner tatooed to make up for my lack of eyelashes! I am quite happy with my results eventhough my dermatologist told me that my full results will be after 16 weeks. In fact he kidded me that it may get too long, I might not need a hat to protect my face from the sun anymore:-) Be patient and I think evenings just before bed is excellent time to use it so that you can sleep and forget about the itchiness and the next day when you wake up the swelling is down. Good luck, cheers!
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Becca, thank you so very much for reaching out to me and taking the time to add your comment. Since I wrote the original comment, a few months ago, the redness and swelling disappeared, but it still feels itchy after I apply the Latisse, but I have learned to live with it and try to ignore it. I have been using the product now for 12 weeks, and I too have had very nice results; however, unlike lucky you, it didn't really take effect until about 10 weeks into it. I also use that 1 drop in the cap with a thin eyeliner brush for both eyes and there is enough left over to paint my thinning brows. Boy, my brows have really darkened and plumped up. The results on the brows have been much more dramatic than the eyelashes! I am very glad that you are already seeing results. That's awesome. I can't wait until I get to the "maintenance" stage and can use the product less frequently. Some folks use it in maintenance 3 days a week, some even just once or twice a week. Won't that be great? Keep up the good work!
You know the phenomena of "I don't see the change" is normal because I kept doubting my results also until I did a test:-) I pulled on my eyelashes and none came off (stronger) and then I noticed that they are naturally curling up! curling up! This never happened before. I gifted myself with mascara, not an expensive type, and put mascara on to showcase my curling eyelashes. And I was soooo pleased that when I look sideways, there really are eyelashes there and my husband said, "Of all the things you spend on your cosmetic procedure, I support this wholeheartedly." He was after all the one who told me to go ask our dermatologist about it. I need to tell my coworker about its result on your eyebrows; she was looking for a product and this is going to excite her. My dermatologist told me that after my final results, I will use Latisse only twice a week. I also saw a generic version on the Internet for the chemical that is in Latisse. I am wondering if that would be a good maintenance solution. Just hang on--"results may vary" seem to be in effect here too. BTW, the lady at my doc's office showed me her results. I will be honest- I was not too thrilled with her results, she had exaggerated long lashes only on the center--she looked like she was wearing some spider legs only at the center and I thought I would have mine trimmed if that happens to me! So beware to us, we may get what we asked for! For now, cheers to your beauty!
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