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I impulsively purchased a Groupon because the...

I impulsively purchased a Groupon because the discount was so huge and I love a good discounted facial. I didn't know anything about laser facials and didn't have time to do much research before the appointment. I was surprised to find myself in a rather clinical looking room as opposed to a spa-like environment, and being slathered with numbing cream. The laser was not too uncomfortable, and I said yes when she asked if I'd like her to give an extra zap to the brown sunspots. Those spots did, as she warned, grow far darker, which was, to me, more fascinating than embarrassing. Then, as promised, they all kind of scraped off within a week. Even the worst one, which I asked her zap even though it was on my hand. I'm amazed, really. All those facials and products that were supposed to "lift" brown spots and lighten the skin over time made only the most subtle progress if any. And now, in one zap, gone. Also my skin texture seems much improved. The technician said that usually people get a series of three or four, and that she'd honor the Groupon price for my next ones. I am DEFINITELY going to pursue this. Love it.
Hey there, just checking in for an update. Did you have more treatments?
After the first treatment, the most pronounced brown spots never came back. When I got a second treatment, some months later she found a lot of spots to zap, but they were much smaller ones. I am not super meticulous about staying out of the sun. I have been meaning to go back again. I have no particularly noticeable sun damaged spots, but I know they'd find some and I like the effects on my skin. It's not a comfortable procedure, but it goes by quickly and it still seems worth it.

Thanks for sharing your story with us.  Keep us posted if the brown spots come back at all, or if they are gone for good!

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