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Waiting Results - Atlanta, GA

I had a vi peel on Thursday and today is monday....

I had a vi peel on Thursday and today is monday. For the first 2 days no peeling .Day 3 a slight peeling around mouth.Day 4 I peeled like a snake. At first I figured that there wouldnt be any peeling because a lot of people said they peeled the first 2 days. I havent had any pain but I will keep post

I'm sure you were told this, but make sure to wear your sunblock to protect that freshly peeled skin!

Let us know if you see any changes to your skin over the next couple days. :)


day 5 and 6

Day 5 I peeled like crazy so I figred day 6 I would be done.Most of the literature I read everyone was done by day 6 but when I woke up I felt as if I was peeling like crazy . There was so much skin it was on my pillow.I am not complaining because it means that its working .My only complaint is that I can not shave . The facial hair is driving me crazy but hopefully it will be worth it


Its been about 15 days since my Vi peel and I can say that I do not see any difference . This is my experience and yours may be completley different. I got the peel due to old acne scars and they are still there but I was told that I may need more than 1 so I will have another in August .The worst part to me was the fact that I couldnt shave but other than that it wasnt painful or anything. So I cant say that the peel was worth it or not right now but I did peel like crazy so we will see
You may want to go for a second and third peel. I did my second peel last week and I can see some differences in my skin..so I'm very hopeful. Good luck.

Bummer. I would think if you haven't seen any results by now you probably won't. :(  Let us know though.

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