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I am weeks post op and how should the wounds look?...

I am weeks post op and how should the wounds look? I am still not mending together, I am swollwn and cant sleep anywhere but on a chair reclined, my top of my stomach also too tight to stand up all the way I still walik hunched, is this normal and can a tummy tuck be so tight you cant walk upright after 4 weeks?

You should keep in close contact with your doctor about the wound not coming together.  Keep on top of that.  Are you eating enough lean protein?  That helps in the healing process greatly. 

Being hunched over at 4 weeks is totally possible.  I was hunched for about the first three weeks.  But then after that when I got tired I would hunch a little by the afternoon.  My tummy was extremely tight and I had a strong pulling feeling from the belly button down.  It does feel bad but is normal.  You could feel that for weeks so don't panic.  I can remember saying "When will this end" on a daily basis for the first three months. 

Take a look at my Month by Month diary and that should help you to know what is normal. 

my pulling is from the belley button up though is that normal?

Yes that is also normal.  They pull everything down so tightly that it can hurt from under the breasts all the way down to the pubic area. 
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