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I am having upper, lower abs and flanks...

I am having upper, lower abs and flanks liposuctioned / sculpted. I am having a skinectomy to remove excess skin on lower tummy. No more to add at this point, mixed feelings, but mostly excited. Doubts creep in but I am so disgusted with not being able to fit my clothes. Pray for me! Xoxoxoxoxox
Good luck!! 
I had mine done on October 21. I know you go through so many different emotions. I know I did! I am two weeks and a day out and love it already! Just be patient and remember, It takes time to heal, you won't be able to fit in your clothes for a while because of the swelling. I'm already dropping my swelling and the trick I found that helped me this time was, getting a gallon of that drinking water from Walmart (I drink the one with the green lid) and whatever sugar free flavored water enhancer you like. Drink a gallon a day (something a physical trainer told me years ago) I put mine in a plastic cup with a straw and dump my flavor in. Makes it easier to drink. Eat really healthy! I try to get my carbs from healthy sources like veggies. I am feeling so much better too. I have lost over 5 pounds already! Can't wait to hear about your updates and how you are doing!
WoW your recovery is going well can't wait for you to post some pics
Dr. Johnson

So far so good

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