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My surgery was yesterday at 8:00 am. Everything...

My surgery was yesterday at 8:00 am. Everything went according to plan. I woke up at home around 6:00 pm in my bedroom. I don't remember anything about the surgery at all. I don't remember getting in or out of my car or up the stairs to my house. Went I woke up I felt a little sore and saw that a compression garment and had been placed on me.

I was able to get up by myself and get to the restroom. I was able to eat without any problems. The entire staff was great. Dr. Welsh and my nurse were the greatest. I have had several different surgery in my life time but have never had a doctor to phone me at home. Dr. Welsh phone me at home around 10:00 am the next day to check on my progress. I was completely shocked. He had a beautiful sweet bedside manner. He never judgement about my weight which made me feel very comfortable with him. I would recommend Sonobello to all my friends.

Here is the second day I am sitting at the computer with no pain. How wonderful is that! Thanks Dr. Welsh and staff!!

I had doctor welsh too and I loved him!! On day two I felt great and wore a bikini to my pool:-). I wanted my waist done but he advised against it because it wasn't fat- just my pooch. Doc also called me on day two to check on me. I am now at day 7 and still so happy I want to cry.

Can you post some pics? I'd definitely like to continue hearing about your progress.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Which areas did you have Lipo carried out on?


It's been a month and I'm feeling great. I'm...

It's been a month and I'm feeling great. I'm still wearing the compression garment for one more week. Incisions have completely closed. Only had drainage for 2 days. I haven't had any pain since the surgery. Abdomen and thighs swelling has decreased. Loving the feeling of loose clothing already.
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Best experience ever!!

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