Does Sonobello Atlanta Give You the Results You Expect? - Atlanta, GA

I went in for a consultation and the girl who did...

I went in for a consultation and the girl who did it was great and made me feel very comfortable. The doctor really didnt go into anything or say where he would do incisions or even give me an expectation. I'm not obese but I do have some trouble spots I'm ready to get rid of. I want to make sure before pouring 6k into this, that it meets the expectations of the clients that have used this company. I've heard that they don't care, or meet the expectations you were given. Any insight or suggestions???


I had smart lipo done to my abdomen, after six months had to go back and get revision done, I'm still not satisfied. I want my money back. Dr. Okoro in Marrietta Ga I seen some of he's work and its perfection.
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us.

Here's a link to the reviews we have where people have mentioned using Sonobello. If you take a quick look through, there are some for Atlanta, I believe.

Have you had consultations with anyone else, or just Sonobello, so far?

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