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Hello Realself! I love this website already! I am...

Hello Realself! I love this website already! I am still consulting with doctors in regards to rhinoplasty.I hate my nose and as a result I refuse to take any sort of pictures especially if I know they will be hanged up somewhere. a I have consulted a few doctors and I already know what I want. I am afro Caribbean. My mother is Chinese Jamaican and my father mainly African descent. Interestingly, I went to surgeons who told me besides the bulbous nature of my tip my heritage produce one good thing, thin skin which would make my results great. This made me a bit excited. I've travelled to see Dr.Whiteman who did Nene's nose on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. I fell in love with him and really like his suggestions. Honestly, I see why Nene chose him. I also like Dr. Epstein expertise and I am impress with how professional he is also.

I do not have a lot of support from anyone about surgery and they all believe my nose is fine the way it is. However, I contour my makeup to hide the size of it. But, I am sick of doing that and in fact I hate mke up and would just like to wear none but I cannot do that until my nose is fixed. Like many of you I hope to have surgery soon!
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