4 Days After Surgery, Having Doubts - Atlanta, GA

I had wanted a nose job for 5 years. I had a hump...

I had wanted a nose job for 5 years. I had a hump in the middle of my nose, my tip was bulbous, and my nose overall was too long. I met with a board certified plastic surgeon whose online ratings are all positive. He went over with me what he could accomplish using computer imaging. I told him to only show me what he could accomplish, not just what I want to see. I liked what he came up with and he was confident that he could do that.

I had the surgery done 4 days ago. The tip of my nose is now larger than it was before! Overall, my nose is not as long, but the tip isn't refined at all and is wider than it was before surgery, which the surgeon told me and showed me he would refine it.

I get the splint taken off in 3 days. I'm starting to feel like maybe this was a mistake. I know that swelling is expected, but for my tip to look larger after my surgeon told me he'd make it smaller makes me question if this is not swelling, but permanent.

If you have any experience with this, please let me know.


Would you be comfortable with sharing your doctor with me? I also have met with several plastic surgeons in the Atlanta area for rhinoplasty. What you are being told is true about swelling. I know it's hard but I had eye surgery and it looked worse before it looked better due to swelling. It does take a few months.
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After having my rhinoplasty in December 2010 I was distraught and looked like I had a facial deformity. My nose was so swollen it was very upsetting. This was a long and very slow process but around the 6-7 month mark I started to like my nose. There are still things I dislike such as a slightly upturned tip but in terms of swelling it has massively improved and is nothing like how horrific I looked after surgery. I think some people swell more than others particularly if they have thick skin (I do). So my advice is sit tight and wait for the swelling to reduce as there's not much else you can do, although I know it's very hard...
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By the way my nose swelled up after the splint was removed so be prepared for that and my tip was about 3 x the size it had been originally pre-surgery as it had swollen all over and just seemed like a massive blob! It is definitely now smaller than pre-surgery.
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