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Planning for a Tummy Tuck! - Atlanta, GA

In 2007, I weighed 227 pounds. I've lost 107...

In 2007, I weighed 227 pounds. I've lost 107 pounds, became a personal trainer. I would like to remove the loose belly skin so that all the hard work I've put in on my abs will show through! I am also considering an arm lift, thigh lift and breast implants. Whew!

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You look GREAT !!
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Wow you looking amazing girlfriend. How long did it take you to lose the weight?
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Wow what a transformation! You look awesome!
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Hi Bellagirl!

Welcome to RealSelf!  You look fabulous and are absolutely gorgeous!

WOW what a weight loss you have accomplished...and became a personal trainer.  Way to go!  That is very impressive.  You must really enjoy helping others now with their weight loss journeys.   I would love to hear more about your weight loss process.  Women on the site love hearing about others experiences. 

How many consults did you go through and what process did you use to find your doctor? 

I look forward to reading your posts and seeing the after pictures!!
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Hello Bellagirl,

Your weight loss is awesome... How did you go about your weight loss?
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