Phenol Peel Under Eyes - Fantastic Results - Atlanta, GA

Pros are complete removal of winkles. Cons are...

Pros are complete removal of winkles.

Cons are that you do have to care for the area for a week.

I did it to tighten skin under my eyes and remove wrinkles. I have had a few plastic surgery proceedures but the results from this treatment rivel any that I had with a knife!

It looks terrible until it heals (about three weeks) but then just look in the mirror and smile. Wish I could have my entire body done! PS The pain was extremely minimal to non existant even though it looks like it would be painful.

Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon

He is very experienced and artistic. His work looks NATURAL!

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what doctor did you go to?
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I am wondering if you really had a phenol peel or something milder. I had one and the pain was severe!
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Hi! Glad to hear about your success with this peel! I was wondering if you have any pictures of before and after. I have wrinkles under my eyes and am trying Frownies for them but I don't know what treatment would be best for them - Botox, fillers, creams, etc. I will try the Phenol peel since it worked so well on you.
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Did you do it? What were your results?
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Hi, no, I haven't gotten a Phenol peel yet. I am trying some other less drastic things at the moment - trying Paula's Choice line right now. I was doing AHA peels once a week. I will let you know on RealSelf when I get it done. Still very interested in other's results- it looks like it turns the clock back at least 15 years on the brave women who have completed the procedure!
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