Transformation in 2014! 35 Years Old, 5 Babies Later! Hypothyroidism. - Atlanta, GA

As of today 1/15/2014, I weigh in at 180. I...

As of today 1/15/2014, I weigh in at 180. I started this journey at 200 lbs. I have lost 20 lbs over the last 22 months, I have hypothyroidism so i'm just ecstatic to have it stay off! I am only 5'2" (small-medium framed) so for me 200lbs was very large. I was almost a size 18 when I had had enough. It's very depressing that my weight doesn't come off easier but i'm down to only needing to lose another 40lbs to go forth with surgery. My goal is to have it done by the end of the year. I have never really exercised and as of now, that is changing. I fully expect to achieve my goal!
I am the mother to 5 kids, ages 7-16. I am 35 years old and went from 98lbs to 200lbs over the matter of just 14 years. I never want to be 98lbs again, that was just too thin and I wasn't healthy. My goal is to be fit and healthy regardless of the # on the scale. I just want a healthy BMI and to look great in a bikini again!
I will be looking for a surgeon in the Atlanta, GA or Columbia, SC area. I am more than happy to take advice along the way. Anything that will help for a smooth recovery. Including diet and exercise tips. I will be going in for a full Mommy Makeover-to include; Full Tummy Tuck, Breast lift, Breast Augmentation, & some lipo. It's very hard for me to even put my pictures on here so please no mean or negative comments.
My current sizes/measurements for record are 42D-38-44 and size 14
Awesome job, mama! Losing 20 pounds is not easy. So glad you started your story here with us. We'll be here for you. Here's a list of questions to ask when you start consulting with plastic surgeons. Please keep us posted.
Congratulations on your weight loss...five kiddos is no easy task chickie...I have 3 and hardly find the time so I applaud you being able to accomplish everything you have so far and it will get better...The New You is around the corner:)
Congrats on your weight loss. If you exercise you get better results. I have tried it both ways ( exercise and no exercise). I do weight watchers and cardio and I lost 100 lbs in one year. It takes time patience and dedication. But it is totally doable if you really want it. Just keep on trying, never give up !!

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