Having the Mini TT in January. Looking to Chat and Exchange Stores/pictures - Atlanta, GA

I have not had the procedure yet. I am looking to...

I have not had the procedure yet. I am looking to find someone who is in the same boat as myself. I am counting down the days. January 24th, 2014 is the scheduled day for surgery. Post Op is not until mid January. I would like to get some advice on what to ask, expect etc..

Maybe this is the wrong place to post this. If it is, can you please let me know where and how I can find a place to chat? :)

Thank you!
I wouldn't have the mini I would do the full TT. I had the Mini TT and laser lipo on the upper and lower abs, flanks and bra line done 3 1/2 months ago and I wish I would have done the full I don't have the results my ps told me I was going to have or what I was looking for. They say the fat doesn't come back after lipo but it does. I exercise everyday and watch what I eat and I have gain fat back in my stomach. don't get me wrong I look great compared to before. I have lost 23 lbs. after surgery due to I exercise everyday. I run, I do power 90, Billy blanks boot camp. I have busted my but to get this stomach pooch flat and it's just not flat. For the money that I paid I could have had a full TT with the muscle and skin tighten and would have a flat stomach for the same price almost. you know what they say you get what you pay for in my case I didn't. If you are going to do it do the full tt and be happy with your results. I post some pics later of me at 3 1/2 months the 24th I will be 4 months.
I'm getting mine Dec 20!
Hi, my tt was done 4weeks ahi and had mini tt and upper abs lipo and little flank on the sides.I also did not have enough skin for a full but I'm very happy so far.
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