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I signed up for mini tummy tuck and mild lipo of...

I signed up for mini tummy tuck and mild lipo of lovehandles done 3 mos. ago. I had a 9 lb baby 14 mos earlier which caused separation of stomach muscles only. Lucky enough that I did not have stretch marks or loose skin. Just had a few extra lbs in love handle area.

When I came out of surgery, immediately noticed indents and bruising in R buttock and called Dr. scared of why that area was even touched! He still does not want to admit a problem and says he had to go there to "feather" lovehandles out!! I told him I was a size 10 and still had weight to loose on my own.

Was not using lipo for weight loss just spot reduction. I did not want to have some parts a size 2 when other parts were still a size 10. Now my thighs look huge. I was told I have to wait 6 months b4 he will acknowledge it might need fixed. Problem is I will have to damage my other hip and buttock area to get me somewhat even. My R hip is deflated and has a huge groove at outside of buttock.

My pants all fit cricked now and I look like a man on that side without curves!! What do I do? How do I talk to him to get him to acknowledge and How do I trust him to go forward with more surgery to damage my only good side now?

I'm sorry your experience wasn't what you'd hoped. How are you faring now?

OMG, Hi Angie. I just noticed your post. Thank you so much for asking. I havent been on here in a while bcs I have been so tied up with getting 2nd and 3rd opinions on how to repair the damages. Told I need major fat grafting to try and fill in damage to buttock and hip. But even that usually does not take and needs several repeat attempts. Still have severe pain and nerve damage. My pants wont stay up on R side. May even have to consider lawsuit. All I wanted was my separated stomach muscles repaired to function and get back to my baby! Told tummy tuck needs redone as well. Very scared and lost. Need someone to talk to but such a private embarrasing issue.

Realized that he did not mark the areas to be...

Realized that he did not mark the areas to be liposuctioned before surgery to confirm what I wanted or did not want done which lead to being overdone in wrong areas. In addition, found that my upper stomach muscles did not get fully repaired either!! Need to repeat entire t/t!

Hi Angie. Im am still in process of seeking many 2nd opinions bcs I also found that Dr. did not fully repair my upper diastasis recti during t/t so I am left with repairing that as well. He expected me to pay several thousands to go back to hospital for repairs. Lost trust. Lots of fat grafts and repeat t/t is needed, therefore, lots more expense, pain, suffering that may not repair fully. So scared.

Ugh, I'm sorry you have to go through this! I hope you've found a surgeon you're comfortable with the second time around. I found this posting by a woman in Atlanta about to schedule a tummy tuck. A lot of plastic surgeons recommend one or two doctors in particular.

I totally understand how you'd be nervous. Please keep us posted. I hope all goes well.


Just found out from neurologist that I have...

Just found out from neurologist that I have permanent damage to the main nerve running across my dented hip, buttock and thigh from this surgeon! Deep painful numbness on a huge chunk of my body that effects my movement and I will suffer the rest of my life bcs of his negligence.

I hope everyone who thinks about going to Lintner...they will rethink their decision. He is a butcher!
So sorry to read your post. Dr Lintner ruined my body too with botched lipo. He performed lipo in an area not agreed to. I was supposed to have ad, flank and inner/outer thigh lipo. He liposuctioned underneath my buttocks and ruined my butt. I had nerve damage as well. After 2 1/2 years of being miserable, Dr Sidney Coleman (NYC) did fat transfers and corrected Lintner's botched lipo. You can see my photos under my profile. I wish I saw your post prior to my lipo in Oct 2010. I never would have gone to him. Dr Carmen Kavalli in Atlanta has some pretty impressive work too. Have you had this corrected yet?
I'm so sorry that this has happened to you, just awful. Go see Dr. Nakano in Duluth. I just had a whole mess of procedures done at their office (including lipo of multiple areas, full TT, breast lift and augmentation with internal reconstruction) and could not be more happy with the skill and level of attentiveness of both Dr. Nakano and his whole staff. He has been rated for years as one of the best Plastic Surgeons in Atlanta by other doctors in Atlanta Magazine and had by far the most through exam and treatment plan of all the doctors I consulted with. http://www.primacenter.com/drnakano.html Good luck!
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Look at post op pictures to see if you can tell if good job for $13000. .Notice dents in hip/buttock that was not supposed to have been touched and stomach muscles still protruding. Have been quoted by other doctors that it will cost at least $15000 to repair!

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