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Latisse Works... Thanks to This Site! - Atlanta, GA

I purchased from my dermatologist office - when I...

I purchased from my dermatologist office - when I opened the box I thought "Oh now nice! They include all those brushes!" I used it for about a week and thought I must be doing something wrong because the directions say I should put enough product on for my lashes to feel moist, but not "wet". My lids were pretty much dry. I didn't want to use more than the recommended "one drop per brush" because I wanted it to last... but I also wanted results.

Long story short I found this website and began to read the reviews. Thank goodness I did b/c that's where I learned those nice brushes were soaking up too much of the product actually causing me to use more and get slower results! I learned here that I should buy a small, thin brush, and add ONE droplet to the inside Latisse bottle cap and dip the brush inside the cap. GENIUS!!!
One drop is enough to do both eyelids AND my brows.

I've been doing that method every since and it's been working great! I've been using it for exactly one month and I'm already seeing results. I'm not the best at doing it every night, but I use it about 4-5 times a week, and I'm seeing results. The fact that I am has pushed me to make an effort to do it nightly.

Love that you are seeing results - love even more that what the people on here shared helped you to use your Latisse more effectively!! Have you experienced any of the side effects some people talk about? Like the dark tint to your eye lid, or itching?

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