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Just Started... - Atlanta, GA

Just started my first set of aligners. There was...

Just started my first set of aligners. There was some pressure the very first day but manageable after. I have a slight lisp which is realy annoying but hopefully it will go away. I read somewhere online that singing really helps so now I can officially annoy everyone in the house -:)

We'll see how it goes and post the progress once in a while.

p.s. Not rating this yet since I've just started treatment.


Hi Tm,

Welcome to the community. I've never heard of singing to help, but I hope it does. ;) Yes please do keep us updated and thanks for the review.


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Completed the whole invisalign treatment. For my...

Completed the whole invisalign treatment. For my particular situation (mainly treating gaps) I feel the treatment was well worth the investment. As in most such procedures, it is very important to:

1). Select a good doctor/provider whom you can trust
2). Discuss goals and get a realistic expectation of what is and what is not possible in your situation
3). Understand the long term outlook and implications. For example, l have to wear retainers for the rest of life because teeth have a tendency to revert to original position.

Most importantly, check out the many great reviews and Q & A on this site. I am happy with Invisalign and feel like I've got rid of a major annoyance that has bugged me since birth. -:)

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