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Buttons, Pegs, Whatever - Atlanta, GA

The buttons were not discussed in detail, so I...

The buttons were not discussed in detail, so I wasnt aware I would be wearing them for the duration! They are pretty invisible with the trays on...during lunch meetings, etc., I dont have the trays on, of course, and I look like I have food stuck to my teeth!

I have 6 right now and I'm not happy with this part of the process! My teeth are moving am the results if pretty phenomenal. Lastly, the gluing of the pegs was ridiulous! I had jagged edges on my teeth and thougt they had craked my teeth! My ortho spent a good hour removing adhesive from my teeth and apologizing.


What's with all these buttons........pretty goofy set up if you ask me....I am wearing my trays about 18 hours a day, they recommend 21-22 hours a day....just wondering if anyone knows if I will get less result in this or not?
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There was a question posted in the Q&A section that basically asked what the buttons/attachments are for. You can click here to read what 5 dentists said about them.

There was also a question that touched on not wearing the trays for the full 22 hours as recommended. You can click here to see what the dentists said about that.

Hope this info is helpful! :)

I am now on tray 8 of 29...moving right along! i
I am getting grat results, but today guess what! I have to get more buttons on the button! Joy!
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